Wednesday 31 August 2022

The Haters and Kadaver split cassette.


The Haters / Kadaver – The Haters / Kadaver – Cassette/Download – Tribe Tapes – 2022 – Tribe 012.

     1.       The Haters – Pump Powered Permawave (2021).

     2.       Kadaver – Venomous Agent. 

Neither of these projects presented here really needs much introduction from me. OK, if you insist, we have the Haters, US Noise champions of destruction and new ways to make noise in a live setting. The Haters is GX Jupiter Larsen active since 1979. Kadaver is Michael Zolotov, who is one of the new pioneers of Death Industrial in its present form.

Haters straight away sounds like something of today, waling screech and ominous drones go off as background sounds play out. You can’t say, ‘oooh, the Haters doing their old thing…’ it has a strong contemporary feel to it in production methods and choices of sounds used.  The drones make me think of a nightmarish take on Angus MacLise or Phil Niblock resonating bad vibes caused by the accompanying noise.  Pump Powered Permawave is simultaneously sophisticated and anxiety inducing. The death drone on the die out is gorgeous. All elements create a strong representation of the Haters five decades in.

Death Industrial back in the day was bits of Italian and English projects, then Brighter Death Now in his shades, then Atrax Morgue being bleak and sexy, now days it is S.T.A.B. Electronics resonating street hate and Kadaver bleeding out of Israel. Big synthesisers resonate approaching death, feedback menaces over it, as if threatening to kill you. I mentioned ‘Gorgeous’ in the Haters paragraph, this track resonates a grim beauty with simple elements squaring up to each other over nine and a half minutes. As the sickness to the sound is increased by tweaking the two sources, so does the beauty of the work. The drop of sound into muffled bubbling provides a contrasting, die out to the track.

The more I review, the more I discover gems like this. Great work both.

Nevis Cretini 2022.

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