Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Wolvestribe - The Apocalypse Factory.

Wolvestribe – The Apocalypse Factory – Digital Download – Arrgggh – 2020.

       1.    The Apocalypse Factory.

“Denial is the most predictable of responses.”

The Matrix.

This is a new one-off track, recorded yesterday by UK heavyweights Wolvestribe which I am playing this on headphones, and it has made me all delirious again. The blast of distortion that serves as a battering ram for the forthcoming onslaught of sounds is immense, Apocalypse Factory is huge in sound. What follows are cutting sharp noises that overlay this, it becomes a riot in quick time. Some of these are deceptive and may be vocal noises as they slice through the sound. It is not a wall as the other sounds are the lead, they have the prominence,

The build-up in this work is big as the vocals become more apparent. There is serious control and some impressive shifts in the sound, the assault is good. The vocals are literally bolstered by the sound, the two work in complete unison at one point. This leads to the vocal breaking away to become more warped and assaultive into a pained abstraction.

In today's climate, this work is the now.

This came to me today, I reviewed it today, sometimes the rewards of doing this are immense, this work is my reward.

Euphoric Bullshit Vibe of the Sonic Deathwish Posse 2020.

Saturday, 12 September 2020

Uncle Grasha’s Flying Circus feat. NBDY – Sacrifice in Czechoslovakia


Uncle Grasha’s Flying Circus feat. NBDY – Sacrifice in Czechoslovakia – debila records - #174 – 3”cdr/Download - 2020.

       1.    UGFC – A Man From 1945.

       2.    UGFC – Rope For Milada.

       3.    NBDY – Sacrifice (UGFC remix)

I was won round by the last Uncle Grasha’s Flying Circus release Stalinist God I reviewed in May 2019, it was humorous, beautiful work that impressed me. UCFC make surreal, funny work that deals with serious European Czech history that seems to transform into something beautiful and powerful.

A Man From 1945 is based on a paining by Czech artist Josef Istler. Istler produced paintings that seemed to anticipate a lot of art that would come in the mid-20th century. Drones and whistling sounds create a barren atmosphere, this pulsates for a long time until a spoken vocal talks over this, whether it is a sample or the artist I am unsure, a whispering vocal overlaps this. This builds up intensity until it dies off.

Hope for Milada begins with subtle music in the background which plays until a national anthem/song is sung, infected, noise begins to drown this out and takes centre stage for a while. What appear to be political speeches play out whilst the noise simmers and menaces the listener, the speeches rage at each other in the meantime.

The NBDY Sacrifice remix uses more chaotic noise, vocal samples are warped and repeated as Harsh Noise goes off everywhere, sharp pitched feedback, crunching distortion. The sonic language and patterns are continually changing, messy as if in a constant rush. This is not a criticism as it is a good, severe display of noise fireworks. Impressive work.

This replaces the beauty of Stalinist God with some serious, noise intensity making for a great release by Uncle Grasha’s Flying Circus with NBDY.

Dorcus Maximus 2020.

Thursday, 10 September 2020



Edge of Decay – RIISTETTYJEN ANTOLOGIA – 2020 – CD – Aussaat – Aussaat 16. 

Edge of Decay are a (or another) heavyweight noise project from Finland, they have been actively releasing since 2012. They have released on Freak Animal Records, Obsessive Fundamental Realism and Bastard Culture. RIISTETTYJEN ANTOLOGIA is their latest album on German label Aussaat. The artwork and style of rounded jewel case are impressive and give a strong visual presentation to the work and as I am new to Edge of Decay, this sets a good standard.

Things start with an intense, crushing, infected, sound with quite a lot of chaos thrown into aspects of the sound. The sound seems to scream at times, it is difficult to tell if this is noise or vocals. When vocals do appear, they are woven into this texture and force the listener to focus in on what’s being shouted or if again, the sounds are playing tricks on you. The full sound is created from lots of individual gritty components which for the first part of the album, is presented as a thick collage of abrasive sonic texture.

At times later on in the album the sound either intensely throbs or drags, it is as if everything seems to work together to do this. When things are pulled down to the point of strangulation, various individual components can rise and this has a massive impact, it shows impressive sonic control and discipline. The break downs in themselves are impressive as the simmering produces some good passages of low-level noise that rise into broken displays of Power Electronics. The broken becomes more cohesive towards the end of the album as noise is formed into broken rhythms to make for impressive finale to the work. I also like how at times sounds push themselves into overdrive as if to accelerate tracks.

As a whole Edge of Decays latest album all ties in well together. This is a good album, I like the crunching and the broken aspects a lot, in contrast to that the early thick textures are great. My appreciation of RIISTETTYJEN ANTOLOGIA lies in lots of different things mentioned, which like the sound all comes together to make a fuller, more rounded like.

Dorcus Maximus 2020.

Sunday, 6 September 2020

Inner Demons #12 - A reaction to now.


Various Artists – Your Lives Have Always Mattered to Us, A NAACPLDF Benefit – Download – [IDD016]


      1.   Andreas Davis – Not Able To.

      2.   Dosis Letalis – Backbreaker.

      3.   Lorena Grey – Ambidextrous Usurper (Serial Camouflage Mixx).

      4.   Lorena Grey – Ambidextrous Usurper (Where Is the sweaty dance floor you love to dance on – Double re-miXX)

      5.   Loss- Colors Are Not Crimes.

      6.   Maruda – Uprising of a Broken Glass.

      7.    Noise Hangover – Oil Hangover.

      8.    Plantoff – Bad Dream.

      9.    Prd – Shame.

      10.                Suzane – Stop Fucking Us Up.

      11.                This Is What I Hear When You Talk – Unbroken.

      12.                Wolvestribe – The Future is an Application Grid.





Quotes from label page.

I am very excited today. Firstly, because I love quoting the above lines from the labels webpage and because this is because I have never done an Inner Demons Records compilation before, never. I have reviewed lots of different individual projects that have been released on the label and the work released has challenged noise preconceptions every time. I am often gobsmacked at what I heard as I find Inner Demons goes for challenging projects.

Andreas Davis has the unlucky job of coming first, there’s no space for any shit here and thankfully he produces an excellent passage of haunted, esoteric weirdness that is Not Able To. This sounds like some guitar loops, rainy distortion, rhythmic repetition, and lots of creaky noise. The overall track rises to become enchanting and harmonious.

Nasty Dosis Letalis kicks in with spluttery, interrupted distortion. I am unsure if this is contact mic abuse, but Dosis is at the severe end of Inner Demons challenging spectrum, this is the labels most challenging, abusive project. But none of that is a bad thing because here at North Fuller Ave you will know we love those sorts of projects and this nasty French based Serbian troublemaker is one of our favourite difficult noise projects. Backbreaker is a confrontational ear breaker, I bet those poor French are getting what for when he plays live. I like this it is Hydra style challenging work. Dosis Letalis lingers in Harsh Noise circles, but in reality is something far more severe.

A sense of ritual seriousness seems to be my introduction to the work of Lorena Grey, this combines deep drones, screeching, searing sound and fidgety ticky tock noise. The high seriousness of the work ties in with the first track and the clipped aspect follows well from Dosis. The second mix has a rhythmic backing, playful overtones yet plenty of abrasive joy - very good.

Lorena Grey’s rhythmic abuse makes way for a storming rhythmic blast from Inner Demons heavyweight Loss. And this is easily as good as the monumental She, Zombie work that they did. The overlying melodic keyboards are powerful as. I am sorry to go on about She, Zombie so much, but it is one of the greatest releases from the label and this is as good as that, which takes a lot. Powerful work and bleeds emotion everywhere, this feels more like a soundtrack to something.

The haunted feeling comes back with the work Maruda, the bleak atmosphere presented here is supernatural. I feel as if I am locked in a haunted house. Looped samples are treated and push the work back in time, this part is done in a sudden, effective way. Uprising of a Broken Glass is good work.

Noise Hangover delivers one of the longest tracks on the album, Oil Hangover. Noise Hangover is based in Russia, I don’t think I have reviewed Russian noise before, so this is very exciting. This immediately ties in with the epic soundtracks of Loss and Andreas Davis as the intensity and scale of the work begins to present itself. There is a scaled ambient quality as the drones grow, this is rich and evocative as if summoning up a landscape that is has an oil hangover. The politics the title brings up are immense, oil hanger is rich, ambitious work.

I am being treated today, more Russian noise from Plantoff follows this, this has a rhythmic backing with creaky, farty, abrasive noise overlaid. This like Dosis Letalis is confrontational in how it is presented, it has a slow motion, simmering anger that seems to radiate pure hostility, excellent. It appears the Avenue is going to have to look into Russia more as we have a few impressive bad boys rearing their heads from that direction on this compilation.

The sense of time travel on this release is picked up again by Prd, I feel as if I am somewhere Sci Fi, this demonstrates a use of synthesizer that is at once retrospective and futuristic. This is another ambitious soundtrack that takes the listener to another place. As the noises kick in and the pace increases it becomes more spacey and effective, nothing short of brilliant.

I have talked about haunted a lot in this review, but Suzane seems to up the ante where that is concerned. The ephemeral beauty of the work just shines. There are beats and shimmering noise woven into the work as it echoes and shines. I like the contrasts and shift as the beats step up and lead. Again, the politics the title suggests offer no subtlety and the work is pure beauty and depth.

One of Inner Demons lead projects This Is What I Hear When You Talk steps up to the forefront and presents its case. Unbroken, the title says it all, this climate won’t break me, I am here, and the noise reflects just that. Simultaneously sharp and splattering this work doesn’t use its usual wall just loops and spontaneity. There is a dramatic urgency that seems to replicate anxiety and take off from there. The severity of the work increases as the track nears its end. Unbroken is an unfiltered harsh reaction to now.

I am a humongous fan of Wolvestribe, they are the UK Power Electronics equivalent of Mr T (Clubber Lang) in Rocky 3, self-trained, pure isolated discipline and pretty much our unbeaten, whirlwind, new champions.  They came out of nowhere, just check any of their 3 albums to prove this. Wolvestribe immediately throw us into a void of deep yet restrained, blasting noise. This is then tunnelled and channelled accordingly and is the usual clarity that comes from chaos, this is what Wolvestribe thrives in. But just when I think I have grasped it, I realise that I never know Wolvestribe’s true message, but when you weigh up Power Electronics, that’s what the best acts do.

I’ll end this review on a criticism, this awesome compilation is far too good to be just a digital release. But still, buy it and be impressed, I am.

Dorcus Maximus 2020. 

Chrup / Gen 26 – Post Viral Madness

Chrup / Gen 26 – Post Viral Madness – CD / Download – Terraformer Research Facilities – 2020

      1.    Chrup – Crying

      2.    Gen 26 – Zvocna surovina.

      3.    Gen 26 – Kolonija.

      4.    Gen 26 – Regeneraci sonda.

      5.    Gen 26 – Genetska modifikacija organskih celic.

      6.    Gen 26 – Prasna Nevihta.

I’ve reviewed Gen 26 a few times over the last few months and have become familiar with Matjaž Galičič and his stripped down, raw take on Harsh Noise. This latest work Post Viral Madness is a split, with a newer Czech project called Chrup.

Children’s cries serve as intro and end to this work. Big resonations of tunnelled, blasting sound progress into roaring violence. At first, the piece has a lot of space carved into it forming an area for the sound to act out creating a sense of haunted isolation. Wall noise builds with sharper sounds overlaid on top, erupting until space is gradually reinserted back into the equation. The repeated shifts from full to spacious provide a dramatic contrast within the act of Crying. Is this work a tantrum or a description of the process of being upset?  

Gen26 starts off with short abusive frequencies that make my head rattle, the following track uses a shifting, sharp, warbling distortion. I like the minimal palette that is always demonstrated here, this is also the case in the busier works – a few make a lot. This is good European Harsh Noise that uses blasting distortion to create some good walls. I would however describe these walls as a sharper, less meditative and more abusive as if they are shouting right in the listeners face. The sound is always full and at times very compressed to radiate high levels of tension; there is very rarely any space in the works. This sums the nature of Gen 26 on this recording; a more ‘at you’, impossible to disengage with approach that demonstrates the usual high levels of thought and clarity in Gen 26.

I recommend both acts and buying this screamer of a recording.

Dorcus Maximus 2020

Sunday, 16 August 2020

7” Assault!!!!!!!


Animal Machine – Defleshed Technology / Gen 26 – Organic Dysfunction of the Plasmids – & - Invaginity -131 PAN 10 PAN – 2014.

Gen 26 begins as if blasting noise in an empty, derelict building. The waves of distortion feel empty as the static alters tone and speed. This isn’t wall just a shift of distortion that alters as if moving at a high speed, is it a reflection on speeding through time and life, this is pure Harsh Noise, straight to the point. Animal Machine along with Gen 26 has featured on here before, stretching right back to around 2006, both projects are of a similar age. Defleshed Technology begins at a low level as subtle blasts of distortion rise from the silence, using the silence as noise and interrupting it at regular intervals which is challenging.

Beautifully presented with separate art panels and an insert. I like how both artists work with a similar palette to make, simple yet effective works.

The Karmakumulator/Gen 26 -7”single  – 2018  - [&], Bučni Stripovi, Dare The Divine, Debila Records, F.O.A.D. Records, GrobarlukRecords, Guranje S Litice, Ill In The Head, Kekere Aquarium, No Profit Recordings, Pravěk Noise Section, Sky Burial, Slušaj Najglasnije!, SweetOhmRecordings, Kulturno Umjetnička Udruga Uzgon, IKS Festival


        1.   The Karmakumulator – Tiho/Bajka

        2.   Gen 26 – Sonic Outbursts of Modern Day Capatalism.

This is a beautiful yellow vinyl open sleeve release that is a collaborative effort by16 labels. Slovania’s Gen 26 contribution literally is a sonic outburst, it seems accelerated and harsh, this is a lot more layered than the work years previously on the Animal Machine split single, this is good, harsh work. The Karmakumulator is from Croatia and has been around since 2001, This work begins with dialogue and slow suspenseful instrumental sounds and appears to be more of a group effort rather than just being Igor Mihovilovic. This does flit between subtle sound experiments and slow song that reveals more as it unfolds. Rich atmospheric beauty.

Both works differ greatly in style, but they are individually strong, and the release has a wider scope as a result. The presentation of the single is great and too many cooks hasn’t spoiled this broth.

Dorcus Maximus, 2020. 

Saturday, 15 August 2020

Inner Demons Records #11.

Drago Katzov and Shallower – Split – [IND076D] – Download/ 2x3”CDR – 2020

       1.    Drago Katzov- Elegy For Loyal Eight.

       2.    Drago Katzov – Twenty Years in the Sand.

       3.    Drago Katzov – You Will Find Me Between Breaths.

       4.    Shallower – Delphis

       5.    Shallower – Totem Pole Joe.

       6.    Shallower – Ethanol Drinker.

Expectation is a pointless feeling when doing an Inner Demons raid, perhaps expecting to be surprised may be a way forward. The work of Drago Katzov slowly climbs inwards to the core of itself with each track. The three tracks here meditate upon themselves and offer masterful demonstrations of low-level noise. The word Cinematic crops up in the description of the work, I agree with this as there is at times a massive sound that conjures up rich imagery within the work. Each track is an epic adventure.

Shallower is a foggier affair as a rain of distortion washes over distant harmonies, this simple interaction creates a rich sound, the listener is pulled in through the subtle restraint of the work. As crisp blasts of distortion roar the rise from that is immense. This, like Drago’s work becomes cinematic and dramatic as the subtle dynamics stretch across all tracks. As the use of distortion increases and takes over it becomes a wall of nothingness, but when this is interrupted by note patterns that injection of content is really felt.

Both projects offer up an impressive contribution to their own Cdr, this is strong work, possibly even brilliant.

En Nihil – Existence In Reverse – [IND082] - 3”CDR/Download – Inner Demons Records – 2020.

       1.    Existence In Reverse.

Creepy things start to happen from this CDR, it’s En Nihil, a project that has been active in some form since 1994. Existence in Reverse begins with combined creepy atmospherics and frequency abusing, high pitched noise. I like this it is like an upset cousin of Dark Ambient. It has an ambient aspect, yet there is noise and slow rhythm tied in there too. Vocal samples soon pop up, shouting and yelling. Something like this would have been ace on the old Slaughter Productions Death Odours compilations from decades back. Things move on, the rhythm goes away, and it gets noisier, making for a bleak display of Industrial Noise. As that dies off we have subtle interplays of low distortion taking the lead, this builds into pure creepy atmospherics which then intensify into a clattering noise assault that plays off against digital drones.

This is a complete shapeshifter of a release. Good.

Dorkus Maximus 2020

Sunday, 9 August 2020

Inner Demons Records #10 - Sci-Fi Sunday.

 Inner Demons 2020, random releases not yet covered here.




Quote from website 2020.


Subjective Device – Analysis – 3”CDR – 2020 – IND074

1.    Metocin.

2.    Metacetin.

Subjective device (active since 2019) seems immediately futuristic in sound. There is a lot of releases on this label that look forwards in some ways, either through dissecting sounds or taking a Sci-Fi approach. This is very sci-fi; the buried vocals seem to chant as if in meditation to the continual wall of distorted noise. Both titles are named after different psychedelic drugs, were both tracks recorded whilst using each drug?  They both have the same sense of looking forwards. The sound is minimal, yet captivating, I am taken by this. In parts the sound seems to sing as it warbles, it really does resonate massively as it does this. I know resonating synthesizers is a common thing in noise, but here they are stripped back and meditated on for long periods of time. Analysis is an intriguing release and strong work.

Fail – Dated 10 – 3”CDR/Download – 2020 – IND080

         1.    191113

         2.    060725 

Fail is Dan Fox’s prolific project that has been active since 2005. This work is stripped back, minimal mediations of sound, it isn’t as fixed as Subjective Device, but it does move along as different noises are introduced. There is a depressive, impending doom feel that tracks seem to resonate. As this builds up psychedelic elements arise and as those elements collapse there are mediations of feedback and high-pitched squealing noise. 060725 takes a more deconstruction heavy approach, taking masses of noise apart and allowing spacious interactions between sounds, this is a very common thing that happens on Inner Demons releases, I feel the label cares about the future of noise and there is a brief given to artists ‘please try to be original and take a forward thinking approach to noise, we will reject any clichés.’ Back to the noise, I find myself able to climb inside Fail and feel how it is working as if locked in my own headspace. Dated 10 has a lot of breakdowns, collapses so things can quickly be broken down to allow minimalism to happen until there is another build up.

Ghost – Spectral Mechanics – CDR/Download – 2020 – IND083

         1.Spectral Mechanics.

Ghost is Julien Skrobek, the master of many projects such as Tetsuo and Abysse and many, many other projects. We are now listening to French noise, bonjour!!! Skrobek essentially soundtracks modern Paris with a diverse massive body of work. This brilliantly combines synthesizer harmonies and distorted, choppy noise to excellent effect. In the Inner Demons cannon, Ghost is very forward thinking as if giving a report from the future. This is very minimal in comparison to the other releases I am covering today, yet equally sophisticated and graceful. I feel I have picked three gems from the pile today as Spectral Mechanics ties into what I have heard today. This is a captivating work, a 3” gem of beauty.

As ever Inner Demons Records provides 3 absolute gems for a strange Sunday that are much appreciated.

Dorcus Maximus 2020.

Outsider Art August 2020 batch of tapes.

Outsider Art – New Batch of tapes.

Playworker – Vague Recollections.

        1.    Gear Shifts from First to Third.

        2.    Thirtythree

Playworker is a new UK project, a Knifedoutofexistence side project. Gear Shifts from First to Third is minimal, choppy, distorted radio like noise and what appears to be a vocal buried in the background. I like the static shift of this piece, very straight to the point and raw. This piece is impressive as it goes through distinct passages within the track as each collection of lead sounds shift to another.

Thirtythree uses a sharper palette of noise, choppier, more cutting in tone and texture. It breaks down to use a bass crunch in parts, this then adds pattern to the texture as you then have clear contrast. This makes some dramatic shifts in speed as if in overdrive and gains more echo to add more depth to the sound, this comes in as the sound begins to crumble.

Tracks within tracks, minimal, direct palette. This shouldn’t be a “side- project”, it needs continual growth and development for more magic to happen. This is an excellent, challenging release.

Lacrima/Pastoral Abuse – Simple Joy.

        1.    Lacrima – Virgil’s Hand.

        2.    Pastoral Abuse – Only Flesh.

        3.    Pastoral Abuse – White Flower After Death.

        4.    Pastoral Abuse – Pain Gate.

I’m new to Lacrima as heavy, haunted atmospherics lead Virgil’s Hand which quickly intensifies and gets noisy. Once this gets noisy, it has subtle rises in sound that increase the deliveries range. The sharper noises serve as a lead sound within Virgil’s Hand whilst the deeper sounds and distortion serve as a moving landscape in which the act unfolds, as it builds there is an increase of mania within the work. This is a good, solid barrage of Harsh Noise, the sounds are authoritative and controlled. I’d like to see how this solid delivery comes out in live performance. I like this.

I was very impressed by Pastoral Abuses – Cold Hand of Power Release on Invisible City Records recently so before I even play Simple Joy, I expect the highest standards. Straight away the sound is strangled and muffled as the fractured vocal bleeds through. The restraint continues with White Flower After Death, even more so. This is distant, low level noise that works well. Fractured, buried vocals return on Pain Gate, this rises slowly, as it does so the dialogue becomes more intriguing, you are pulled into what is happening. This is an impressive display of noise strangulation; the vocal display is very original and unique - the high standards have been met.

Eros Catheter – Medusa Configuration.

        1.    Corridors of Heaven.

        2.    Mirtazapine Temple.

        3.    Rose Binding.

        4.    Medusa Configuration.

This one is remarkably interesting; I have just played this in the background, and I would say we have a serious player here. It is noise, but part esoteric in what comes out, mournful and bleak would also be appropriate terms. There are layered, textures of sound that reveal themselves. Some tracks have vocals treated to incoherency within the work, keyboards and synthesisers are used well. Beats eventually come into Rose Binding, which is the most noise track so far, buried vocals bleed out. Eros Catheter throws a few nods out to Coil on this tape, hence the esoteric. Medusa Configuration throws me some Power Electronics by letting the synthesizers radiate whilst ambient sounds and vocal noises occur. As it builds the use of noise becomes rhythmic and intense. This is a long instrumental display of the self.

Medusa Configuration is easily amongst the best releases I have heard so far this year.

Slow Murder – Death to Fascism, Freedom to the People.

        1.    Paid in Blood.

        2.    A Litany of Beasts Pt 1.

        3.    A Litany of Beasts Pt 2.

        4.    A Litany of Beasts Pt 3.

        5.    Example.

        6.    Destruction of an Empire.

        7.    Death to Fascism, Freedom to the People.

I’ve been more than impressed by the past work Wales act Slow Murder, they have made an impressive start and this tape does that, a sample of a record playing plays out until an intense display of Harsh Noise kicks in. I say this a lot about this batch, but again we have another high hitter, this is just brutal and massively relevant to the now, they screech impressive vocals and the displays of noise are sharp and harsh. Even when the actions are buried in murk they shine through. I really am taken by the vocals, they are impressively delivered. Like Lacrima I am keen to know, is it this good live, because it’s good. Ace release, Slow Murder is undoubtedly a top tier project.

This batch of tapes demonstrates we have brilliance a plenty in Noise in the UK, I am so happy I decided to throw my focus here.

Dorcus Maximus 2020.

Friday, 7 August 2020

Blackcloudsummoner - Blood Music.

Blackcloudsummoner – Blood Music – Cassette/Download – Self Released – 2020

        1.    Part 1.

        2.    Part 2.

High pitched wailing introduces a project that I am now well familiar with Blackcloudsummoner, serious frequency abuse lets me know that the work has begun. There’s a gentle side and an in contrast there is an aggressive side which is the side that this release revels in. There is an esoteric feel to the noise. Shifting, differing high pitches seem to argue with each other, whilst continually altering what’s being said by the sound. Something is nature like about the sound as it develops, like angry birds singing against each other. At times this feels like it is screaming at me and as it accelerates, the work becomes manic as if teetering on the edge of a malfunction. As this happens, the sound becomes more computerised, crashing and screaming out of a chaotic void, not a wall, a huge bleeding, writhing void. The die out is a fantastic, brief display of Harsh Noise.

Deep bass like drops and short screeches of sound introduce part 2. At first it sounds desolate as it is just a play off between bass drops and sharp noise as if both are taunting each other. The square up continues until a wailing sound takes over and intensifies the blackness, as if a flute with a tune of blackness, a Pied Piper leading us to our death. This is a lot bleaker than the first part, by far. As this builds up and becomes more crowded, the intensity and urgency rise increasingly. You can feel the overload coming as the use of distortion thickens up the sound, leaving no space – this is chaos.

Listening to this, the project clearly occupies its own territory. The works rips into itself then projects outwards. It is abusive yet affectionate, there are a lot of contrasts playing off each other in this cassette. The self is digested and spat out, limited to 13 copies, buy one before they go as this is Top work.

Nevis Kretini 2020.

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

David E. Williams – Banana Peel Slips on Itself

David E. Williams – Banana Peel Slips on Itself – CD/Download – Old Europa Café – 2020.

The work of Philadelphia based artist David E. Williams was always good but seemed to rise to another level after the 2009 album Every Missing Duck is a Duck Missed. Recordings since then have been consistently great, it is as if they seem determined to consistently improve on the last. Williams has also been involved in recordings with Rozz Williams and Deathpile as well as scoring soundtracks and playing in Blood Axis, the Urge Within and The Muskets; this is his eighth album, Banana Peel Slips on Itself.

Williams is often accompanied by Jerome Deppe who appears on One Meatball, Erin Martz plays guitar on ‘Marquis DeSade was a Sadist.’

Feet are the subject of opener ‘Song About Being A Foot’, after hearing this I am determined to treat mine a lot better. The humorous Williams darkness is clear and reassuring that this album will be good. Marquis DeSade was a Sadist, has a Bad Goth track rhythm pattern, that is so raw it is excellent. I feel the clarity of the song, the (very) dark humour are in full flow as well as the prog -rock keyboard solos. Williams combines such unfashionable styles and makes them great again, he always seems to fix things a lot.  Three Brown liquids demonstrates Williams piano/keyboard skills to strong effect. Margaret Sanger Lives in Heaven demonstrates further piano skill into an amazing dark ballad about the famed Birth Control advocate and sex educator.  Each song demonstrates Williams’ skilled and inventive storytelling, the subjects are absurd and bleak, yet never unoriginal or boring.

Sun Cracks Through Black Cotton seems to evoke Howard Shores soundtrack to the David Cronenberg film Crash; it is unnerving, and the vocal is crashing and aggressive. Chiropractor Arrives by Helicopter is doom laden, slow, and hilarious. The absurdity of the subject matter is a comedic observation, was it something he read, saw, or invented? Dark Keyboards form the melody of Unworthy of Love, the lyrics are even darker, being able to read the lyrics on Bandcamp while I play the album is great, I never usually bother, but now realise how lyrically sharp Williams is. I dreamed I Caught a Cold really references the even darker sound of early work like Pseudo Erotica, it is a great mid album throwback. I May Be a Rat is humorous yet emotive, I still do not know where the keyboard sounds even came from, they are odd yet amazing.

Pets Will Eat Their Owners has a line I will never forget as long as I live – ‘ My Foreskin Melts Like Butter’, however it has the best tempo change I have heard in age. The great Jerome Deppe steps up to sing on One Meatball as further keyboard quirkiness comes from unknown depths. Lou Gehrig is excellent balladry, dark and slow as Williams reflects on the life of the legendary Baseball player. As the lyrics end, piano and keyboard instrumentation follows. The finale Somber Sombrero is the best ballad on the album, the vocal is smooth, a case of saving the best until last.

David E. Williams is a one-off maverick talent who will never be popular, he will never be cool, but his work demonstrates pure clarity and radiates a brilliance that never seems to faulter. This album continues his long run of brilliance.

Dorkus Maximus 2020.

Monday, 3 August 2020

Salò Salon – Culte Du Moi

Salò Salon – Culte Du Moi. – CD – L.White Records – 2020.

Culte Du Moi is the sixth release by Salò Salon who have been releasing albums since 2015. Based in Germany, they are one of the countries newer, Death Industrial acts to emerge.

The album begins with ambient, nightmarish sounds and sampled German speech. The Ambient feel dominates Culte Du Moi and this is built upon as the album unfolds. As the first track ends, we have more aggressive sound, with tortured shouting throughout, this is where the real Death Industrial feel of the work begins to show. The work then pulls back into more infected ambient passages, this part really references the work of Premature Ejaculation; infected, nauseous loops that seem to widen and pulsate. strong atmospheres are created in the ambient passages as vocal samples and suspenseful noises play out. Rises in sound or the introduction of more sounds intensify the work massively.

This album is true, sonically nauseous Death Industrial. It is a lot happier in murkier, dark territory than the more explosive, violent tracks. I like the atmospherics in the work, I feel that a lot of its ‘work as work’ is how the sounds and atmospheres are layered and varied so that the album remains continually interesting. There are feelings of angst, anxiety, terror, nausea, disease, aggression, decay and death covered in the work, the shifts in sound ensure a continual movement of effect.

This has made a good post lockdown soundtrack; it has ambition and depth. I recommend buying it.

Dorcus Maximus 2020.