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Putrescent Tapes #2


Putrescent Tapes #2

Putrescent Tapes New Batch – 2022 – Cassette/Download

Putrescent Tapes has established itself as a strong, young cult Harsh Noise Label in America. The label based in Pennsylvania and has been producing batches of tapes since 2017. I have reviewed the label before and was impressed by the work they sent to me back in 2019. . I am sure that it has gone on forever, but I notice young labels of now create an identity via the batches of releases they put out, often curating new, obscure projects to create an identity and reputation. Dagger seems to focus on grimy, menacing Harsh Noise and Wall work.

Flesheaterforest – Deathmatch – Cassette/Download – 2022

      1.    555.

      2.    Bone.

      3.    Frozen.

Deathmatch is the first time I have heard the project Flesheaterforest, so I am going in blind. Blackened rumblings and scrapings create 555 in a unique way, it doesn’t sound like anything else. The nearest distant parallel to this I could think of is the Esoteric cave noise of Tunnels of Ah.  Percussive, Industrial clanging as if made from a guitar or homemade instrument is being hit in Bone. This track has a direct aggression that bounces around with the sole source of sound manipulated to create quiet and noisy passages of sound. Frozen combines all the characteristics of the previous tracks with a synthesiser providing a rhythm, whilst scraping noise screams across the whole track. Warped violence is projected at the listener as the work continually loops falls and escalations. All I can say is that Flesheaterforest is a unique, odd, strong project and Deathmatch is a powerful release.

Kadaver – Never Again (Part II) - Cassette/Download – 2022.

      1.    Sardinepackung.

      2.    How To Destroy Basically Anything.

Kadaver is Michael Zolotov, based in Israel. Kadaver has gradually risen to the top ranks of modern Death Industrial. This is the most well-known project in this batch of releases and has been active for several decades.

Sardinepackung uses a stripped-down Harsh Noise sound, that feels deliberately digital, it isn’t loads of layered distortion, just a movement of humming noise, that introduces different elements of abrasion over various parts of the track to create tension and maximise the sound’s volume. The progression of noises and their continually rising intensity builds up to a massive sound. How To Destroy Basically Anything hums itself to life, choppy distortion stabs into the sound. The track seems to resonate on those two elements for a long time as they contrast and morph around each other. As things melt down the sound becomes increasingly fractured.

This is a great release that leaves me scared as the closing samples play out. However, Kadaver and Great are two words that are frequently used in the same work.

The Ide of Earth – The Idea of Earth – Cassette/Download – 2022

      1.    Congested Dig.

      2.    Chairoscuro.

      3.    Dank Eternity.

      4.    Man Bites Nature Bites Man.

      5.    Treading Horizon.

      6.    Treading Corpse-Filled Waters.

Condemned walls of loops burnt into drones, stagnant sonics and bio-walls in the redundant name of mechanization and industry decimating this planet. Mantras of pollution for the future of our end. STAGNIC. Biography off the project’s Bandcamp.

I like the Harsh Wall this project delivers, the challenging nature of the work uses a digital distortion and a fractured, rhythmic distortion to make Congested Dig. Sharper frequencies replace this to deliver Chairoscuro, interruptive sharp noise if further interrupted by short gasps of distortion – I admire how this project uses playfulness and annoying, irritating noise to build work. I think this demonstrates an innovative approach that is in line with the kind of Harsh Noise Inner Demons Records favours. There is what I call an early, primitive noise approach that is refreshing on Dank Entity – I feel they make nods to SPK or early Premature Ejaculation. The treble assault on this track is sharp and brutal on the ears. A manic savagery takes over for Man Bites Nature Bites Man, it is as if the project delivers increasing methods of sonic brutality. Ominous Drones and loops are Treading Horizon the subtle shifts in tone and speed of the pulsations cause constant movement in the work. The finale uses a busier, direct violence for Treading Corpse-Filled Waters. Choppy blasts of distortion and screeching race across each other. This is a great, challenging, confrontational release.

Шумоизоляция – Supreme Pleasure – Cassette/Download – 2022.

1.         Supreme Pleasure (Part I)

2.         Supreme Pleasure (Part II)

This Russian project has been active since 2017.

A pure cold, consistent blast of wall, the density of each wall is heavy with no space or recognisable back elements of non-noise sound. Each Supreme Pleasure is very similar to the other, both share practically identical textures. There is a warm bass glow whilst a mass of static drags across it. The depth of the bass changes slowly to vary the intensity of the work throughout.  Pure Russian coldness, good, bleak work.

Wallmart – Super Bowl Sunday – Cassette/Download – 2022

      1.    Halftime Performance.

      2.    Post-Game Review.

This is a project by Edward Giles of Final Solution who runs the group Wallmart on Facebook. Final Solution is a now a key chapter in the development of American Power Electronics, I am obsessed with Hydra, the project of FS Greg Scott (RIP & respect x 1000) The resurgence of FS with the reissue of their material and emergence of their live tapes seems well in motion over recent years. There is a book on Greg Scott’s work due soon.

Sharp, shifting wall noise acts out on Halftime Performance. This wall has a thick, crispy texture, kind of like a Lion Bar made into sound. There is a fast pace shooting through it, sharp shards of sound slightly overlap the edges giving a fuzzy edge texture. I am unsure of what background sounds are there, the density of the wall makes it hard to tell, but with the theme of American Football, it isn’t hard to guess. A sense of overdrive is forced into the sound midway through, adding urgency to the work. The sharpness of the work increases making it a spikier wall at the end.

A sharper noise assault introduces Post-Game review, before the wall takes the lead of the sound. A slower drag to the bass sound and a faster sharp noise drags across it, demonstrating a tension across the texture. As the accelerated blast and dragging bass shift the tension becomes the main movement, it is as if it is pulled across the track slowly and violently. The hum of the back drones starts to sing through the tension for a time, until the main bass roar takes prominence.

This is a new arm to the work of Edward Giles, a strong release with good attention to detail.

White Widow – Void Infirmary – Cassette/Download – 2022.

      1.    Lesser Banishing Ritual.

      2.    Mind Eraser.

      3.    Corroding Black Granite.

      4.    Black Avalanche.

      5.    Void Infirmary.

      6.    Serpentine Chain Jail.

Lesser Banishing Ritual is haunted, warped noise. There seems to be a background sound that sounds like wailing, like how harsh noise wall works, but with a cage of noise rather than a mass of distortion over it. The sound goes loopier on Mind Eraser, choppy noise cuts across other sharp, fractured noise to create a hailstorm of blips and scratches. Corroding Black Granite makes use of distinct, sustained, sharper noise in a wailing grid of sound. The dramatic intensity of the individual sounds rises throughout the track. Black Avalanche uses similar methods, but it is amplified via a heavy back bass running through it. The full palette of noise frequently reduces allowing for duos of noise to play off against each other for sustained periods of time. The sharper noise resonates and sharpens at the end, violently clashing with hum and crackle to maximum intensity. The title track, sputters distortion, whilst the fractured wailing weaves through it as other noises cut in, this creates a heated sonic argument. The overall sound is like a death surrounded by buzzing flies laying eggs on the carcass. The imposing Serpentine Chain Jail delivers a bleak finale to the album, it sounds like hell.

This Philippines duo have been releasing since 2019, I honestly think we have some new up and coming greats here as they are bloody good and Void Infirmary is a great release, possibly one of the best things I have heard all year.

Cursed Moors – Cassette/Download – 2022.

      1.    Cursed Moors s/t.

This is a new anonymous project that I am keen to hear.

Oh yes, this is orgasmic from the offset, screaming feedback wails at me over distorted acceleration, it is fucking nasty. This is violent, busy, attacking Harsh Noise. This is like a mass of violence with individual elements clearly defined through the business. It roars out well at times, accelerating and rising in volume when needed. No prior history adds mystery as you can’t categorise or track it. I am curious if this is the Dagger guy having a sonic fight with himself into new territory. Either way this is bleak and brilliant. Possibly another 2022 champion release.

Nevis Kretini, destroyer of all cliques and eradicator of my own ego - 2022.

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