Thursday 2 April 2020

Sist En 343 / Fall into Dry Lungs – Harsh Noise Burger Party

Sist En 343 / Fall into Dry Lungs – Harsh Noise Burger Party – Debila Records #166 – Cassette – 2019.

A1. Sist En 343 – 838-HN
A2. Fall into Dry Lungs – Unripe Spelt Grain.
B1 – Sist En 343 – 606-BP.
B2 – Fall into Dry Lungs – Rainbow Crossing.
B3 – Fall into Dry Lungs – Snow by the Grill.

Sist En 343 is from Slovenia and is Matjaz Galicic and Miha Novek, they have been releasing since 2001. Fall into Dry Lungs is from Austria and is Christoph F and Petar S, they have been active as a collaboration since 2015 playing either as Harsh Noise or a drums and noise duo.

My current love of the work Hydra (RIP) has made me a lover of noise that exists purely as sonic abuse, particularly when artists use long passages of sharp feedback for their work, Sist En 343 uses this as other noises dance around it, but the sharp feedback serves as the line cut into the work , the central focus of 838 -HN. As this track progresses the feedback begins to resonate in different ways with lower frequencies of noise and throbs as it does this as the distortion comes, it never manages to smother the sharpness a sound fight builds and builds. This is very horrible, good work, nasty Slovenian maniacs battering my ears.

Fall into Dry Lungs seem to follow suit with further Noise abuse with Unripe Spelt Grain as sharp frequencies form bursts of noise whilst crackling and scraping occur around it, the central sharpness remains the core of the work. Other unpleasant noises fire off and join the cacophony. Unripe Spelt Grain seems to favour rapid shifts of sound that collage together to make an uneasy whole. Cuts and chops of noise play over a wall of distortion, new sharp frequencies become the new core for periods of time. …Grain is good, horrid, Harsh Noise that gets nastier and more broken as the track unfolds.

Sist En 343 takes a darker turn for 606 – BP which seems to begin as a passage of percussive abuse that echoes and resonates menacingly. As scraping noise joins in and the percussion echoes further, the work intensifies massively, the work roars and screams through noise – simultaneously. As things melt into a wall of sharp abuse 606 goes through another period of Harsh intensity, the work never seems to let up as it identifies as a massive, sonic explosion. This is an excellent, nasty piece of work, both contributions by Sist are good, but the shift from Darkness to a vortex of sharp, sonic abuse is impressive as. Even as this exhausts itself back to the darkness towards the end, it is amazing to listen to.  All I can say is I am converted; I am a fan.

The tapes hiss intensifies into shifting distortion as Fall into Dry Lungs deliver the party’s last two tracks. Rainbow Crossing begins to judder and stutter more before it goes into shifts and changes of sound, the clarity appears to get muffles as sharp digital noises pull things into focus, this happens repeatedly as new noises cut into the work, making for intensified unpleasantries to occur. Even as it falters more dramatically, sharper noises cut in and take over, the continuing shift and power battles of sound make for constant, exciting change. Like Sist’s work, the breakdowns and collapses in sound seem to increase the danger, like a wounded animal. The finale is their ‘Snow by The Grill’ track, this pulsates violently from the offset and appears to have a more obvious digital assault, only its’ intensity ties it in fluidly with the other work, this could have been a different artist, but the shifts in sound and clarity make it identifiable as Fall into Dry Lungs. Harsh Feedback intervenes and allows for mini shifts to occur within the track. You then get lots of mini low-level experiments going off at different times as sounds communicate and bounce off each other. Although things wind down, lots of information is jammed into the finale as if to intensify it from a different angle. As far as Fall into Dry Lungs goes, I was blown away by their release on Harsh Noise London in 2019, this is more excellent work by them.

Both artists, when you compare tracks seem to work on parallel levels of high abusiveness and try to outdo each other for the title of ‘champion, horrible noise duo’. The playful artwork and fun title of this tape is deceptive, this is very strong, well executed sharp noise release and the intensity of every track presented here makes Harsh Noise Burger Party an excellent album.

Nevis Kretini 2020. 

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