Thursday 2 April 2020

Gen 26 – Altered Gene Expression

Gen 26 – Altered Gene Expression – Debila Records - #157 - 3”CDR – 2019. Limited Release of 42 copies.

     1.       Altered Gene Expression of Evolutionary Innovation. (Recorded on 03.09.2019)
     2.       Live @ GT22 04.09.2019.

Gen 26 is a Matjaž Galičič project that has been active since 2002. Altered Gene Expression is part of a batch of 2019 releases by Gen 26 on Debila Records.

As you will all know, from my adventures reviewing releases on Inner Demons Records, I am a huge fan of Harsh Noise on the 3”CDR format. So, to receive this, made me happy.

Altered Gene Expression presents two passages of Harsh Noise, one studio recorded and the other is a live performance from the next day at GT22, a small multi-disciplinary arts venue in Maribor in Slovenia which is described as a Transnational Guerilla Arts School. This performance was part of the Zasavje Noisefest International 2019.

The first track Altered Gene Expression of Evolutionary Innovation starts of as low rumble wall noise, a warm rumble with a slight sharp crackle alongside and around it, this is a two levelled deep wall of noise. This is the shorter piece of the two featured on the disc. Feedback rises briefly to break the continuity of the wall, the work continues to blast and resonate until it fades out.

The live performance at GT22 has a sharper blast of sound, this has a more aggressive shifts and is speedier in pace, this is a fast-moving piece of Harsh Noise Wall work. The sound is violent, solid and well-paced - this is a good recording of the said performance.

This brief intro to the work of Gen 26 has been a pleasant journey, this is a good recording and the venue looked beautiful. Excellent.

Nevis Kretini 2020. 

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