Tuesday 3 January 2023

Inner Demons #17


DARDIS – Funerealism – 2022 – 5” CDR/Download – 2022 – [IND133F].

      1.   Funerealism part 1.

      2.   Funerealism part 2.

      3.   Funerealism part 3.

      4.   Funerealism part 4.

Perversely, the process of creation – the birth, the formation, and ultimately the execution – became the driving theme behind Funerealism. As Beckett writes in Waiting for Godot, "They give birth astride of a grave." Any idea or concept of life therefore must also contain the seed for conceptualising death, for the two are simply inseparable. DARDIS 2022.

I recently received a generous package of recent releases today from Florida’s Inner Demons Records. There were the distinctive 3” Cdrs a plenty, badges, figures and to my shock, several 5” Cdrs I like this new progression of format, as they are tied into the discography perfectly using Dan Fox’s black and white cover artwork with Inner Demons typeface and logo. One of those 5” releases are by Northern Ireland based project DARDIS.

This release is conceptually loaded as seen in the quote above and heavier detail on the Bandcamp page. Sonically I am impressed by the dream like ambient sound, there are parallels to the amazing work of CTEPHIN. Funerealism has a deep, immersive sound that the listener can drift in and out of it at will. The drones and rumbles feel locked within a constant loop of movement, like how HNW work operates with subtle changes of sound that are incorporated into the work. There are keyboard melodies tied into Funerealism that give a haunted and slightly holy quality when listening. The tension that exists within the sound of the work feels like an important floating journey towards our end – an attempt to represent the journey towards death? How death is represented is a personal concept, which makes it difficult to judge the success of the work in that respect. This sounds great and fits into the label’s catalogue perfectly as a single well thought out jewel of a release.

Choppy Noodles 2023.

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