Sunday 16 August 2020

7” Assault!!!!!!!


Animal Machine – Defleshed Technology / Gen 26 – Organic Dysfunction of the Plasmids – & - Invaginity -131 PAN 10 PAN – 2014.

Gen 26 begins as if blasting noise in an empty, derelict building. The waves of distortion feel empty as the static alters tone and speed. This isn’t wall just a shift of distortion that alters as if moving at a high speed, is it a reflection on speeding through time and life, this is pure Harsh Noise, straight to the point. Animal Machine along with Gen 26 has featured on here before, stretching right back to around 2006, both projects are of a similar age. Defleshed Technology begins at a low level as subtle blasts of distortion rise from the silence, using the silence as noise and interrupting it at regular intervals which is challenging.

Beautifully presented with separate art panels and an insert. I like how both artists work with a similar palette to make, simple yet effective works.

The Karmakumulator/Gen 26 -7”single  – 2018  - [&], Bučni Stripovi, Dare The Divine, Debila Records, F.O.A.D. Records, GrobarlukRecords, Guranje S Litice, Ill In The Head, Kekere Aquarium, No Profit Recordings, Pravěk Noise Section, Sky Burial, Slušaj Najglasnije!, SweetOhmRecordings, Kulturno Umjetnička Udruga Uzgon, IKS Festival


        1.   The Karmakumulator – Tiho/Bajka

        2.   Gen 26 – Sonic Outbursts of Modern Day Capatalism.

This is a beautiful yellow vinyl open sleeve release that is a collaborative effort by16 labels. Slovania’s Gen 26 contribution literally is a sonic outburst, it seems accelerated and harsh, this is a lot more layered than the work years previously on the Animal Machine split single, this is good, harsh work. The Karmakumulator is from Croatia and has been around since 2001, This work begins with dialogue and slow suspenseful instrumental sounds and appears to be more of a group effort rather than just being Igor Mihovilovic. This does flit between subtle sound experiments and slow song that reveals more as it unfolds. Rich atmospheric beauty.

Both works differ greatly in style, but they are individually strong, and the release has a wider scope as a result. The presentation of the single is great and too many cooks hasn’t spoiled this broth.

Dorcus Maximus, 2020. 

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