Thursday, 2 April 2020

Harsh Noise London 24 - Lucas Abela - Live at Cafe Oto.

Harsh Noise London #24 – Lucas Abela – “Live at Café Oto” – 2020 – Recycled Cassette.

Recorded 11/08/19. Recorded and Mastered by Matjaz Galicic

Side A – Untitled 1 (4:50)

Side B – Untitled 2 (4:50)

Lucas Abela is an Australian noise artist also known as Justice Yeldham. Abela’s performance for Harsh Noise London was recorded live at Café Oto in 2019.

The first track starts off as unearthly and haunted, this changes as he builds into an impressive, revving barrage of Harsh Noise. The sounds seem to hit from sharp to massive and really build up at various intervals whilst shifting at high speeds – the work shifts from busy to minimal until it just cuts out and dies.

Mutated blasts of noise that are made with broken pieces of glass that are attached to contact microphones blast out vocal sounds that are sonically abused beyond recognition. This pulls back to the haunted nature of the earlier track. Speckles of sharp noise and blasts of distorted noise really cut into the work, allowing for the language and feel of the work to change, this is more explosive than the previous track. Applause signals the end of the performance.

I like both tracks; they are gritty, harsh and slightly esoteric in their overall feel. Abela delivers a good demonstration of experimental noise. This is a strong release from Abela and Harsh Noise London, this is available through their Facebook group.  

Nevis Kretini 2020.

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