Thursday, 29 August 2019

Harsh Noise London, #19. DZKYIN "Noisetape #1".

HARSH NOISE London #19. DZKYIN. “Noisetape #1”. Cassette. 2019.

     1.    HNW Mirror.
     2.    Hora Dos Demonios Caminharem Pelas Estradas De Sua Mente.
     3.    Surviving.
     4.    9’06”
     5.    Dipyrone.
     6.    Nothing to Say About….
     7.    Never Let Them Tell You How To Express Yourself (Cyberpunk Anarch)
     8.    Metronidazola.
     9.    Sujel Meu Lencol De Porra.
    10. C.F.C.

     1.    00.59.
     2.    404
     3.    Into My Brains.
     4.    2017_11_29(3)
     5.    Denied Experiment.
     6.    Fury (Reverse Version)
     7.    Lembrances De Um Passado Esquecido
     8.    Pathetic Friday
     9.    LL We Need Is Love Shock (Part 1)
    10. Homophobics Must Die (Compressed till 88 seconds)
    11. Not Music Today, Only Noise. (Edit)
    12. Garganta Raspada.

In a past review I’d really dived into a bunch of releases from Harsh Noise London’s recycled cassette series. Old cassettes are dubbed over with new material by different artists and given a new cover. All there is, is a Facebook group for the label, no advertising anywhere else, it’s restricted only to the group. I like the modernity, isolation and recycled nature of the series, as well as the work itself. This time it is the turn of Juan Carlos aka DZKYIN; a project that has been active since 2016.

Noisetape #1, at first, uses some very compressed, dense low-end wall noise, Digital choppiness is woven into the work throughout the album, tying in with the cyberpunk/virtual reality character aspect of DZKYIN. The Wall qualities are strong though the deep, low-end background hum. Cuts and falters are effective as the resonance of the hum intensifies massively. There are shifts and changes in tracks which I believe may be movements into other works rather than everything being cut up into a series of different tracks. As this all begins to break up, it becomes a passage of pure, faltering, very low end, cut-up wall, like a fire spluttering out slowly.

The B-side introduces severe passages of overwhelming static radio signal noise which hums with a pulsating resonance. The work has shifted from Walls to Harsh Noise, demonstrating a fiercely revitalised strength of sound. Tonal abuse and broken distortion take over as part of a long series of frequent sound shifts that eclipse the walls of the A side. The dynamics seem to grow and grow, the low-end noise serves as a base for sharper noises to stack on top of into tower like proportions. The ever-shifting nature of this side is impressive and ensures constant engagement. Side B is a case of saving the best until last.

I remember in the 2000s, buying work from American noise labels like Obscurica and Gameboy, getting loads of CDRs by anonymous projects, some of those projects are still here, some had a short lifespan, ending or changing name to become another project. It’s beautiful to hear these phases of work and how they develop, I get that obscure noise, beauty feeling when I hear DZKYIN which could perhaps be one of many projects by the same artist. This is a good release and an impressive addition to the increasingly heavyweight Harsh Noise London recycled series.

Choppy Noodles 2019.


Juan Velter said...

I'm Juan aka DZKYIN, and i really loved this review *----* Many thanks for it!

Nevis Kretini said...

Thanks Juan, ace tape. Great label too.