Thursday, 1 August 2019

Goreshit/niku daruma split cassette.

goreshit / niku daruma – split cassette/download – Dough Girl – 2019.

Track list.

     1.    goreshit – ruminate, relapse, regret, regress.
     2.    niku daruma – her blade.
     3.    niku daruma – our throat(s)

I’m very aware of Dough Girl Tapes, I have reviewed Ritual Chair who have recorded on the Dough Girl and they have become another odd American Noise label whom I find myself frequently eyeing up. When I say odd, I mean it in the sense they cater to the challenging end of all forms of noise with a very forward-thinking mindset. There is a lot of impressive queer identity work on the label, which from my Closer Bones review I’ve become a lot more aware of – Niku Daruma was one of the recommendations of artists to check out from Closer Bones. I’m not familiar with either of these artists, I might be friends with one on my Facebook, but I’m going in Blind.

Goreshit has been releasing since 2005, originally conceived as a Black Metal project, then it became something else. Guitar Riff type noise appears, beats really kick in which as it intensifies becomes noise, as the sound gains momentum it becomes more of a fuller noise. This is an example of really good use of beats that works well, to see this done on the scummier, rawer end of the spectrum is something else. ‘Breakcore’ is used in the tags, but the combinations of genres are exciting – the ambient meltdowns are also great. How he makes four tracks into different passages of one piece is excellent too. I’m into Goreshit now.

Active since around 2018, niku daruma have released on Fusty Cunt, Black Ring Rituals and Mutual Aid Records, members are linked to the burnt-feathers and SHAME HOLE projects. Live performances are violent and direct between the three members. Her Blade has narratives about knife wounding through attack, ominous Power Electronic drones hummin the background before a violent noise assault kicks off. I like this, the performative aspect of the live show is replaced by some bold, raw use of harsh noise. The vocal screams are disturbing and effective.

I hear the “Power Electronics is Dead” spiel, quite frequently, “it repeats itself” etc. I say “but people, you’re not listening to any newer artists, there’s so many new approaches and directions” Niku Daruma is a shining example of fresh approach, that makes me happy and excited about Noise/PE today. I don’t feel the project has reached its full potential yet, but it’s heading there, so far, the results are impressive and this project is yet another ace discovery of 2019.

Both artists have made for an ace split, fresh results in different ways, buy it.

Choppy Noodles 2019.

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