Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Various Artists – Pattern Recognition (A benefit for collage artist Bradley Kokay)

Various Artists – Pattern Recognition (A benefit for collage artist Bradley Kokay) – Download/CDR – No Part of It – 2020.

1. GX Jupitter-Larsen – Fire Anthem 2.

2. Modelbau – Escapement.

3. Mama Baer – Mann Dada.

4. Howard Stelzer – Florida Living Room. (Featuring Arvo Zylo)

5. Justice Yeldham – Shrimp Doggy Glasses.  

6. Illusion of Safetey – The Poodle Bites.

7. – Sequence Assembly ( For B.K.)

8.  Hal McGee and Jeff Central – Dead Spider Eggs in my Head.

9. Eric Lanzillotta – Patterns of Isolation.

10. Mental Anguish – Stem.

11. Sharlyn Evertsz & Arvo Zylo – Witness Box/Wax Axxident.

12. Novasak – Complex Hydrocarbon Molecules Created.

13. Torturing Nurse – Isolation.

In September 2020, artist Bradley Kokay lost his art studio--20+ years of art and collected collage material, as well as other personal belongings, in a large-scale fire that devastated 5 towns in Oregon.

This international compilation of long-standing experimental / noise artists is a benefit to help Kokay recover art supplies and rebuild his workshop. Kokay uses mostly xerox machines and transparencies to create sometimes mural-size collages, occasionally in real time at public places as a sort of performance. He relies heavily on physical source material and doesn't use computers for his work at all. All proceeds from this release will go directly to Bradley Kokay.

No Part of It, 2020.

Pattern recognition starts off with a belting track by Haters main man GX Jupitter-Larsen, his Fire Anthem 2 is the perfect combination of noise and melody. Both dance around each other beautifully, this is an excellent start to the album.  Bleak ambient rumblings sprinkled with cosmic noises form the brief soundtrack that is Modelbau’s Escapement. The Mama Baer track is great and brought a smile to my face as it seemed like a personal ritual with the chimes and vocal that are rich and timeless. Howard Stelzer’s creaky, avant-garde experiments are like sound poetry in action. I like Stelzer’s ever-changing language of sound. The Justice Yeldham track is like farting jazz, amazingly effective in a way that seems comedic and channels Smegma as it gives off a staccato assault. I reviewed Justice Yeldham’s tape (as Lucas Abela) on Harsh Noise London, live at Café Otto and this is even better than that. Illusion of Safety offer haunted atmospherics made from everyday sounds and field recordings. Voices sound inhuman, whilst the sounds seem like a warped, busy day making for an amazing track.

Sequence Assembly (For BK) by is very impressive, it has an odd tinkering, ominous sound. Hall McGee and Jeff Central deliver a display of screwy atmospherics in Dead Spider Eggs in My Heads, this is precise, considered, mature work. Eric Lanzillotta delivers low level noise at it’s best, this works quietly and effectively, I like this a lot. Mental Anguish delivers a passage of noise that seems take spiritual journey elsewhere, great work. Stem’s beauty continues with Sharlyn Evertsz & Arvo Zylo, this combines the quiet noise of Lanzillotta and evocative beauty of Mental Anguish until it intensifies becoming a siren-like, beautiful passage of noise. Novasak delivers a brief, restrained noise burst that bounces around the space that it is given. It paves the way perfectly for Torturing Nurse’s massive noise outburst, this clangs and blasts for a long time, a perfect finale.  

This is a great compilation that delivers many gems some are subtle and some are explosive - all working together for a very worthy cause. Pattern Recognition is well worthy of purchase.

EBV 2020

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