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RJ Myato.

RJ Myato has been around since 2009, with many releases and projects since then. His other aliases include Last Of England, Panta Rhei and John A Dreams.  

RJ Myato – Songs – Kill Collector Culture – CDR/Download – KCC#028 - 2014

Chance meeting of randomly generated lyrics, a Dictaphone, and an electric guitar on a dissecting table.

RJ Myato 2014

Abstract songs by RJ Myato - guitars are strummed through distortion pedals with warbled, undecipherable vocals. The songs are short, with most being under a minute, some over, but never reaching the 2-minute mark.

I like this chaotic release, there is something endearing about the songs. The strumming goes from being mildly harmonic to noisy strumming and that continual change is effective and keeps your attention focused. I do believe that with a bit more care and attention, this aspect of Myato’s work would be great.

RJ Myato & Gorgonized Dorks split – CDR/Download – Enforced Existence – NX#049- 2019


I know of Gorgonized Dorks through the amazing photography of one of the two members Katz Seki, who is someone who has photographed a lot of leading Deathrock and punk bands from the 1980s and 90s to now. Katz seems to go back decades; Gorgonized Dorks began around 2005 and the members are Katz and Ben Viele. Katz also does the Humanextermination Project whilst Ben Viele owns Agromosh records and does the projects Green Terror and Mitten Spider.

Gorgonized Dorks track is just under 10 minutes and it is called ‘The Rich Exterminated with Joy.’ This pulsates along, getting tense and busier as it progresses. I have only heard the Grindcore side of Gorgonized Dorks which is ok, but this is a nasty piece of simmering noise that glowers and menaces the listener. I am usure if the voices are vocals or mangled samples. The crowded, nightmarish assault of The Rich Exterminated with Joy creates a highly effective track.

Lint Shuffler is the first RJ Myato track on the split, this does a lot at a low level, it shares a murkiness with Gorgonized Dorks that ties the work together well. 80s like beeps and buzzes converse over swampy, bubbling sounds. Scramble House Calligraphy is livelier than the opener and sounds as if it was recorded on a video recorder, but like Songs, the low fi quality of the work shines through. The intensity rises on Shaped Tents, this seems like an immediate build on the previous track. It starts to sound like junk abuse with a heavy drag making the explosive distortion of Shambling Sounts seem like a massive shift as it demonstrates brief, effective wall. The back drone that contrasts the distortion feel as if it goes on for lot longer than it does – a moment of balanced clarity that builds to another sound shift as the walls of Carapace Joy Cariburnus plays out a sharper, distorted splatter and buried drone.

Both artists present brilliant work here and tie in together well. Regarding RJ Myato’s work, this is the most effective display of noise that I have heard by him to make this an excellent split.


Panta Rhei/Thar Desert – Transmuter – CDR/Download – Enforced Existence – NX#066 – 2020.

Pantra Rhei is another RJ Myato project that has been releasing since 2017.

Mournful synthesizers introduce the project on this album, guitars soon join the procession in this mournful mini build up to the horrid raw Black Meta sounding Pantra Rei. This has that bleak rawness that helps Black Metal a lot and is mixed with low-fi aesthetic. In some ways it is good, the lo fi sound has a certain charm, but I am critical as it to me is the noise guy’s Black Metal project. However, I feel it is saved by its funny qualities, some of the quality is so raw and combined with the rhythms used it adds a humour to the work and an unintended shift from Black Metal. It has Black Metal stylings but becomes something else as there isn’t a clear aesthetic defined to the work; not a bad thing and it is unique. I’d be interested to see the project extended to a whole band to see how it would develop. But I did find Panta Rhei enjoyable.

Thar Desert’s 1st wall has a lot of crunch and movement. At a certain point, the sound seems to move faster and increase in volume: there are clear, defined shifts within the work. The second Untitled wall has noticeable restraint and a deeper texture that also changes feel further on in the track. This is good wall work with an impressive focus on its own texture and movement. It would benefit from a clear aesthetic, but it is still good work.

This is an interesting split, both artists contrast greatly. Excellent cover art too.

Euphoric Bullshit Vibe 2020.

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