Tuesday, 10 November 2020

RJ Myato & Porraloka


RJ Myato & Porraloka - O Alvorecer na Madrugada de Aurora – Kill Collector Culture – Cassette/download – 2020

I won’t even begin to list the massive 80 tracks on this collaboration between Pittsburgh’s RJ Myato and Brazilian act Porraloka. O Alvorecer na Madrugada consists of two long tracks and seventy-eight short ones.

Each track is insanely distorted and mangled up as if the tape had twisted. Vocals function as noise as they are completely undecipherable, the overall sound is warped beyond belief creating hellish, digital blasts from the matrix, 80 of them. As a collaboration this crams lots of ideas and methods into one release. It functions like a grindcore album, many short tracks, brief and straight to the point. The works seem to blur into one, frequent sharp noises, hums and screeches seem to cut the work up and offer some sort of punctuation to it.

This album is extremely fast and available in the links above.

Euphoricbullshitvibeofthesonicdeathwishposse 2020.

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