Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Wolvestribe - The Apocalypse Factory.

Wolvestribe – The Apocalypse Factory – Digital Download – Arrgggh – 2020.

       1.    The Apocalypse Factory.

“Denial is the most predictable of responses.”

The Matrix.

This is a new one-off track, recorded yesterday by UK heavyweights Wolvestribe which I am playing this on headphones, and it has made me all delirious again. The blast of distortion that serves as a battering ram for the forthcoming onslaught of sounds is immense, Apocalypse Factory is huge in sound. What follows are cutting sharp noises that overlay this, it becomes a riot in quick time. Some of these are deceptive and may be vocal noises as they slice through the sound. It is not a wall as the other sounds are the lead, they have the prominence,

The build-up in this work is big as the vocals become more apparent. There is serious control and some impressive shifts in the sound, the assault is good. The vocals are literally bolstered by the sound, the two work in complete unison at one point. This leads to the vocal breaking away to become more warped and assaultive into a pained abstraction.

In today's climate, this work is the now.

This came to me today, I reviewed it today, sometimes the rewards of doing this are immense, this work is my reward.

Euphoric Bullshit Vibe of the Sonic Deathwish Posse 2020.

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