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Inner Demons Records #10 - Sci-Fi Sunday.

 Inner Demons 2020, random releases not yet covered here.




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Subjective Device – Analysis – 3”CDR – 2020 – IND074

1.    Metocin.

2.    Metacetin.

Subjective device (active since 2019) seems immediately futuristic in sound. There is a lot of releases on this label that look forwards in some ways, either through dissecting sounds or taking a Sci-Fi approach. This is very sci-fi; the buried vocals seem to chant as if in meditation to the continual wall of distorted noise. Both titles are named after different psychedelic drugs, were both tracks recorded whilst using each drug?  They both have the same sense of looking forwards. The sound is minimal, yet captivating, I am taken by this. In parts the sound seems to sing as it warbles, it really does resonate massively as it does this. I know resonating synthesizers is a common thing in noise, but here they are stripped back and meditated on for long periods of time. Analysis is an intriguing release and strong work.

Fail – Dated 10 – 3”CDR/Download – 2020 – IND080

         1.    191113

         2.    060725 

Fail is Dan Fox’s prolific project that has been active since 2005. This work is stripped back, minimal mediations of sound, it isn’t as fixed as Subjective Device, but it does move along as different noises are introduced. There is a depressive, impending doom feel that tracks seem to resonate. As this builds up psychedelic elements arise and as those elements collapse there are mediations of feedback and high-pitched squealing noise. 060725 takes a more deconstruction heavy approach, taking masses of noise apart and allowing spacious interactions between sounds, this is a very common thing that happens on Inner Demons releases, I feel the label cares about the future of noise and there is a brief given to artists ‘please try to be original and take a forward thinking approach to noise, we will reject any clichés.’ Back to the noise, I find myself able to climb inside Fail and feel how it is working as if locked in my own headspace. Dated 10 has a lot of breakdowns, collapses so things can quickly be broken down to allow minimalism to happen until there is another build up.

Ghost – Spectral Mechanics – CDR/Download – 2020 – IND083

         1.Spectral Mechanics.

Ghost is Julien Skrobek, the master of many projects such as Tetsuo and Abysse and many, many other projects. We are now listening to French noise, bonjour!!! Skrobek essentially soundtracks modern Paris with a diverse massive body of work. This brilliantly combines synthesizer harmonies and distorted, choppy noise to excellent effect. In the Inner Demons cannon, Ghost is very forward thinking as if giving a report from the future. This is very minimal in comparison to the other releases I am covering today, yet equally sophisticated and graceful. I feel I have picked three gems from the pile today as Spectral Mechanics ties into what I have heard today. This is a captivating work, a 3” gem of beauty.

As ever Inner Demons Records provides 3 absolute gems for a strange Sunday that are much appreciated.

Dorcus Maximus 2020.

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