Saturday, 13 June 2020

Inner Demons Records #9, Mai 12 & Veronica Moser

Mai 12 & Veronica Moser – Split [IND075D} – 2 X 3” CDR – Inner Demons Records – 2020.

      1.    Mai12 – Noise Gets Harsher Just Before Extinction.

      2.    Veronica Moser – 1

      3.    Veronica Moser – 2

      4.    Veronica Moser – 3.

This split CDr on Inner Demons is two Greece based projects Veronica Moser who is new to this blog and Mai 12 who have been reviewed on here before. This CDR comes in the trademark Inner Demons 3” CDr format with the Black and White Artwork that the label is now well known for.

Broken and refigured walls are one of the labels main sonic interests, Mai 12 specialises in this method. Noise Gets Harsher Just Before Extinction is one long just under 22 minutes track that begins with a deep bass roar that has a low crackle alongside it. A sound like water dripping seems to slowly grow into the noise as if leaking constantly into the wall. The main distortion slowly reaches a crisper tone as Noise Gets Harsher develops. The water noise continues as a chipping digital sound develops, this cuts into the work like a pinprick as the main roar slowly increases in ferocity as the track unfolds. A sense of breakdown and overdrive is subtly buried into the later part of the piece as if to force an end to the work – the Noise does get Harsher before its’ extinction.

Veronica Moser’s sound leans into Power Electronics more, continuous digital, pulsating noise goes off as it throbs and distorts subtly. As the main noise drops the distortion remains as the drones rebuild and echoes of noise converse before full flight is regained. In some ways this is wall noise, but too odd in its use of PE sounds and ambient echoes, I find this track impressive and like it. It is almost a broken dance track as a rhythm throbs, yet there is no beat, 1 is a demonstration of oddness.

2 sounds like fractured symphonics before a noise assault kicks in, this again is fractured and digital, it warbles with distortion, the bass that is buried is evident through subtle throbbing. Suspenseful keys build heavier barrages of warbling distortion until synthesizer sounds signify the end. 3 is a lot spacier in sound the overall sound does echo and throb (less) but uses more ambient sounds at first. Churning drones seem to form the background as the ambient, lighter sounds circle in the foreground. The track goes through several shifts as the tension increases and decreases continually. I like this project a lot.

This is one of the labels best releases, both acts fit well together and deliver excellent tracks. The sound and presentation are like on a lot of the label’s releases - habitually brilliant.

Nevis Kretini 2020.

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