Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Harsh Noise London #25 Cutty Sark.

Harsh Noise London Recycled Tape Series #25: Cutty Sark.

Side A: USNU?

1.    Ta Nasa(The Ours)

2.    Pro Noise Fest (For Noise Fest)

3.    Sestaky (Farthings)

4.    Mroz (Walrus)

Side B: ELMA

1.    Abandoned people.

2.    Slow death.

USNU? Is a Czech Harsh Noise project by Peter Obst that seems to have been actively releasing since 2017. All sounds on Cutty Sark were recorded at different noise fests. I don’t know if it is because of the recycled tape but the rawness of sound is immediately dark and bleak. Church sermon samples open the work, demented screaming starts that is buried within distorted noise, this works well. The sermon rises as the noise falls which I suspect is a constant all along. Lone feedback and further demented holing create Pro Noise Fest. Distortion and crackling rupture together and drop to allow the vocal to rage itself out.  Murky distortion and muffled noises form Sestaky and Mroz, despite the cloudiness, the sound is explosive and suits the work. The USNU? side is good, I feel bolder presentation of the project outside of this release will boost it well as the sounds are spot on and have loads of potential for greatness.

Elma is Ueda Hido, based in Japan, this project has been releasing since 2003 and creates rapidly shifting blasts of Harsh Noise. There have been around 37 solo and split releases in this time. There is a hiss and sharp sound heavy blast, making for a cutting sound. The sound gets fuller as bass like noises kick in, making for a bigger explosion that vibrates heavily. The sound continually squeals and chokes as if at war with itself. The second track’s squealing feedback is harsh and painful as if killing the sound violently. I like the all-out attack of both works, this is good work making for an impressive tape overall.

Nevis Kretini, 2020

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