Thursday, 11 June 2020

Blood Rhythms - Heuristics.

Blood Rhythms – Heuristics – Cassette – 2020 – Personal Archives – PA//148

1. In A Vacuum (Alternate Version)

2. Mention This (Featuring Atalee Judy)

3. Outage.

4. Mope.

5. Never Fuck In the Woods (Featuring Nikola Vasilic)

6.Maggots Drag (Notte Del Casu Marzu) 

7. Dismissal.

8. Remove All Doubt (Part 1)

9. Remove All Doubt ( Part 3)

10. The Stifling Air.

I confess to not having heard Blood Rhythms before, so I am new to the work. It is the project of Arvo Zylo, based in the US, the project has been around since 2000. Heuristics is a collection of different material recorded between 2000 and 2015.

Sharp noise begins with pulsating bass that gradually becomes more prominent. The electronic clatter is sharp in sound contrasting with the throbbing bassier sounds. Sampled vocals seem buried in the noise as their dialogue plays out. Mention This has a trance dance like rhythm as queer sounds play with the beat, Atalee Judy’s vocal is seductive and works well as the Industrial rhythms multiply and distort.

Outage shuffles into action, a slow bouncy rhythm emerges, noise seems to go off with it, playful and conversational within itself; the noise eventually becomes a simple rhythm. This breaks down transforms into an argument between the beat and the noise shifting into deep atmospherics. Never Fuck in the Woods is like a live soundtrack to a slasher movie; bleak distorted organs are beautifully effective as screams go off. Maggots Drag plays with similar Horror aesthetics, organs and strings distort and blare out. Dismissal pulls back to deep Dark Ambient soundscapes, still with a subtle pulsating beat with the atmospherics spacious and rich.

The second side begins with the first Remove All Doubt; broken rhythms, snipping sounds and echoing electronics build a passage of sound. The next Remove All Doubt uses beats and playful electronics and kick drum rhythms. Odd organ sounds and piano add to the mix, as the beats distort and abstract themselves. The haunted feel that lurks in some of the tracks comes to full fruition for The Stifling Air, spooked atmospherics and organs build a bleak score. As it shifts and changes it goes crazy with some impressive synth blasts that go through different passages of sound that include melody and noise as it unfolds.

A range of tracks that reflect different types of experimentation throughout Blood Rhythms growth and development. On the back of this, I am interested to hear what a whole album sounds like as opposed to a compilation of tracks. The tape is available from the Personal Archives Bandcamp. Good work.

Nevis Kretini 2020. 

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