Saturday, 2 May 2020

Rotat- Hussy Rescue.

Rotat – Hussy Rescue – CD – Obsessive Fundamental Realism – OFR 2019 – 2019.

Rotat is a Finland based Power Electronics project that has been actively releasing since 2014. Described on discogs as having a Smell and Quim based sense of absurd humour, I find this to be way more extreme; this is the harder, grittier end of Power Electronics. It has released works on a lot of the hard-hitting Power Electronics labels over the years.

The sound of the album functions like Harsh Noise but with a pissed off, very antagonistic attitude. The samples are urgent, desperate and irate, the noise starts, and it wants to fight you. You do not just marvel at the shifts, contrasts and extreme frequencies within the sound, this goes way beyond that.

I had brief contact with the creator behind this project, I wanted to have a fight with him, I could not stand him. His attitude is reflected in the noise that is created on Hussy Rescue. But that does not make for a bad album. The samples that open the album at first, seem like a normal conversation, but the noise is held down in the background, it rises and eventually eclipses the dialogue revealing violent walls of noise, sharp frequency outbursts and blasts of distortion. The Power Electronics used are Harsh, cut up and violent in their delivery. I review and listen to a lot of Harsh Noise, but when that isn’t cutting it, I do come to this album. There is a lot of humour tied into the album, in the sounds, the samples and how they are cut into and eclipsed with the noise. At times, the use of noise is funny to bad taste comedic, but always accurate in its sharp delivery.

At times there is such density and overcrowding in the sound, it is hard to break it down to different elements, you are assaulted by a mass wall of noise with some elements being clearer than others. It changes frequently as to what noises are the most prominent creating constant shift and change within the sound. Samples and vocals emerge from the depths of the sound only to be drowned again by the noise. Tone and frequency abuse are constant throughout the work, this cuts into the main mass of noise and the samples. The sound does seem to outdo itself in how extreme it can get. Tracks break themselves up only to come back more amplified and explosive. The primitive, raw elements of the sound are excellent throughout the album.

Good Work.

Spogmould Kersley, 2020.

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