Friday, 15 May 2020

Oil of Vervain & Blackcloudsummoner.

Oil of Vervain / Blackcloudsummoner – Split release – Downloadcassette – 2020.

Oil of Vervain

      1.    Strange Lights.

      2 .    Ciara.

      3.    Non-Human presence.


      1.    Hyperion.

I haven’t heard Oil of Vervain before, I have heard some of the bands Steve Larder has been in and I have heard his guitar contributions to some Blackcloudsummoner tracks. But Oil of Vervain is quiet in comparison to his other work. It has the delicate sound of guitar strummed and picked; I am not sure if other sounds are overlaid. The melody of the guitar always resonates as the lead element, some ambient sounds seem to play off in the background and the sense of space within the sound is very well emphasised. The builds in sound are beautiful as is the vocal on the second track Ciara. The guitar sound has a warmth to it, yet the mood is sombre, and this side of the release is excellent.

I am left with the question is this work perfect as it is, or does the project need to expand into a band? Either way, carry on like this and you cannot go wrong as I was surprised by this and am impressed by Oil of Vervain’s rich qualities.

I have now reviewed Blackcloudsummoner once and is one of my ‘to watch’ new noise projects, I have many releases, seen the project live and highly recommend it. Subtle noise and sometimes hostile esoteric noise are the general feel of the project, yet Hyperion is surprisingly ‘even more’ hostile than usual. There is a lot of blasting noise and scraping, arching drones that combine to make for a combative sound. Feedback builds up and is shot into the work and seems to bring on immense shifts in sound. The way this is constructed ensures that the uniqueness of the project remains intact as it still doesn’t sound like anything else out there.

The Blackcloudsummoner side has a huge sound, it is the darkest, most forceful and intense work that I have heard so far in the discography. The question I am left with is, is this Blackcloudsummoner’s best work so far? I can’t tell and can’t stop listening to it.

Both projects give excellent performances on this cassette making it one of my favourite releases so far, this year.

Nevis Kretini 2020.

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