Friday, 1 May 2020


HOMExINVASION – Anita X – Cassette/Download – Lost Notes Media- 2020 – LNM-051.

      1.       Anita X

I have previously reviewed HOMExINVASION on here last year and was impressed. This UK HNW project has released around 25 recordings since it began in 2018, this is project is now a leading light amongst UK artists working within the HNW genre.

Anita X is a singular 20-minute track that starts out with a low Bass roar, very much singular and focussed. The small crackles in the wall of distortion do make an impact on the sound. These are the two prominent elements to Anita X.  As the Bass tone shifts this creates a complete change in the sound, despite the continuity of noise the several shifts in tone are distinct and make for different movements within Anita X. As well as the tone of the bass, there are changes in how the bass is projected, at times it has a blast and others more of a hum.

I like this subtle work, the shifts are strong, yet they are woven in smoothly to the sound. The bass textures are gorgeous and rich. The work has shifted to another thematic branch beyond the grimier side of UK life which at first was the project’s main heritage. As a work this is strong, the conceptual aspect is clear visually and the cassette looks good. It can be purchases at either of the links above.

Nevis Kretini 2020.

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