Friday, 10 April 2020

Cremation Lily – More Songs About Drowning

Cremation Lily – More Songs About Drowning – Cassette/Download – Strange Rules – 2020.
This will be released on April 21st 2020.

     1.       Don’t Drown.
     2.       Water Dries on Our Skin ft. Wicca Phase Springs Eternal.
     3.       Sinking, Alright ft. doves.
     4.       An Outline of How We Might Feel.
     5.       Evenings Cast Away.
     6.       Light Gathers in the Corners of the Room Pt 1 & Pt 2 ft.             Geoffrey Rickly.

Someone taught me a valuable lesson with noise, they told don’t waste time paying excessive homage to the past, acts that are long gone or decades past their best work, look at what is happening now. I paid attention to this and began to look closely at newer acts early on with my noise listening and this led me to Cremation Lily. I have seen the project play live around four times and was able to get many releases as they came out.  Last time I saw the project live was a collaboration with Knifedoutofexistence I witnessed a massive change, massive. Beats, harmonies and melodies had crashed into the sound, I just sat down at the front and absorbed everything.

More Songs About Drowning is the physical presentation of that progression, it is exactly as I remember the set. There are beautifully sung vocals buried in rich ambient atmospheres, harmonies and beats, it is if that gig is happening again. There is a constant use of noise that is woven into the work like a tapestry, it rises and falls in the work repeatedly. There has been along development of sound to the project, Lines of Light (2014) and Sea Spray Perfumes (2015) and Zen Zsigo’s Winter Orbit were the last CL and related purchases I made. I feel this album encapsulates the qualities of all those releases and is the most complete presentation of the beauty that has radiated with in the work of Cremation Lily since its reception.

I can’t believe what I just heard, even in these troubled times, the now can be simply beautiful. Thank you.

Nevis Kretini 2020.

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