Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Slow Murder - Warped Skin.

Slow Murder – Warped Skin – Cassette/Download – Outsider Art – 2020.

     1.       Stunted.
     2.       Gift of Insomnia.
     3.       0110.

Today I discovered Slow Murder so I am hitting the latest release, Warped Skin on Outsider Art. The cover combines photography and drawing to primitive effect – a depiction of the raw self that is powerful through its simplicity.

Stunted uses the simple repetition of resonating pulsations as a bigger, harder re-introduction of the project. The desolate landscape of sound is reintroduced, and the noise seems massive as it interrupts finding new ways to resonate further each time, this is the artist making sure we see the(m) self in the work – a self-portrait carved in sound. The stripped back simplicity seems to shed skin right down to raw flesh and bone. This build up of noise is compressed and beaten into a rhythm as a static vortex of noise shouts over it. Stunted isn’t Stunted at all, just a bigger, better Slow Murder, less torturous, just a massive assault.

A smaller dialogue of subtle noise is the intro to Gift of Insomnia and what sounds like guitar abuse seems to grow in stature and form a rhythm for howling noise atmospherics to build barren landscapes. This seems to have interludes of torture as the noise becomes hostile through feedback manipulation, I like how the project teases with earlier (release) methods – however Gift of Insomnia is new terrain for the project that has esoteric leanings through frenzied repetition and manipulation of speed and frequency.

Painful sharp tones and farting drones make me dizzy as the noise abuse of Slow Murder takes on bigger, sharper dimensions on 0110. This pulls into bleak atmospherics while the feedback buzzes through, as it rises it becomes aggressive through simple tone manipulation, the farting pulsations are nauseous, the combination rich.

Slow Murder is a subtly aggressive project that seems to thrive when doing this. The self remains amplified and etched into the work, I am again impressed and can’t praise this project enough. I have mentioned the US project Hydra in relation to this in another review and that was an impressive, torturous project, this follows that path to make impressive, solid work each time.

Nevis Kretini – 2020.

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