Thursday, 20 February 2020

Haare - Brain.

Haare – Brain – CD – Aussaat – Aussaat 11 – 2020.

Destroy fascism, love forever.

Since forming in 2009, Haare has released many recordings on a variety of labels including Matching Head, Freak Animal and Heavy Meditation. It is the project of IIkka Vekka. I saw Haare live at the last United Forces ofIndustrial festival in London a few years ago, the performance was confrontational and intense; I liked it a lot. Described as going ‘headfirst into the primordial psyche, the mind below the mind’, Brain is released on Aussaat this week.

This album is very different to what I heard when I saw Haare live years ago. I know Vekka utilises a guitar a lot in his live performances, in contrast this feels a lot wider than that in sound. Perhaps it is all sourced from guitar, it is hard to tell as the sonic language is wide. I feel it is very layered and shifting in its sound as it moves along, yet all the works tie in together well. Things can go quiet, were there are small interactions of sounds that build space into the work. Pulsating, psychedelic landscapes are slowly formed within this space. The use of psychedelic sounds encourages you to go into the music or let it go deep within your psyche. As the sound is woven of different noises, it intensifies and builds and huge resonating soundscapes are formed. Brain is very effective and well delivered.

I’ve played this album a few times since receiving it today, I really rate it and encourage you to buy a copy from either of the links above. Brain has served as an excellent intro to the recorded work of Haare. One of 2020’s best releases so far.

Nevis Kretini 2020.

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