Saturday, 4 January 2020

Knifeoutofexistence - The Future Grows Beneath My Skin.

Knifedoutofexistence – The Future Grows Beneath My Skin – Outsider Art – Cassette/Download – 2020.

I’d observed in the past that Knifedoutofexistence was maturing and starting to develop - that’s where I left it.
On January 2nd after a year of successful batches of tapes, Outsider Art announced Knifed had done a new recording over the last few days of 2019 and was releasing it at the start of 2020. It would be a 2-track tape called ‘The Future Grows Beneath My Skin.

I have always been curious where the name came from, does it reference a personal event/trauma or a desire to rid the self of someone?

Knifedoutofexistence often puts the rage behind the noises that are at the forefront of the sound, it’s quite clever, goes way back before the project ever existed, I’ve seen him do it live and it’s very impressive. However, these two tracks seem to take the distancing and fly with it. Both tracks are very ambient, rich, still noisy, but seem to mourn as bleak electronics and drones take the lead. Feedback and melody are present and sing their song in turn. The tracks add up to a total of 20 minutes that resonate uncertainty and sing the confusion of the present day. I feel there was a minimal set-up used to make these tracks, they were recorded straight on to tape.

Outsider Art has stepped up its game, there have been no end of impressive releases by other projects to a point where I forgot it was the label where Knifedoutofexistence released his own projects. I now must go back and check to see what happened previously as it’s very clear Knifedoutofexistence has stepped up its game. A clear case of less is more.

As this is the first release that I have hit on this year, I feel this cassette has started the year with a bang. Excellent work!

Nevis Kretini 2020.

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