Saturday, 7 December 2019

The RITA - Linked Arms and Touching Torsos.

The RITA – Linked Arms and Touching Torsos – Obsessive Fundamental Realism – OFR CD-07 – 2019

A section of Classical music serves as an intro to Linked Arms and Touching Torsos, it brings the listener to the Ballet, you’ve arrived, and you are ready. The ballet is now a regular them in the recordings of the Rita. I’ve gone into the Walls of Vomir, Dagger HOMExINVASION and the deconstructed walls that pepper the discography of Inner Demons Records, but now I am in The Rita’s territory. Let the wall begin.

I find this (wall) movement fascinating; I know shit about who first did what and where it came from, I’ve asked and I’ve read up, but it would be a scattered inaccurate history from me. I’ve learned to submit to the wall, let it do its work so it can unravel and reveal itself. You go in, listen and pay attention.

Cut is the first sonic fact that is apparent, over the roar of the distortion a sharper distortion is chopped and cut into as hum and hiss are thrown around too. The sharper noise that is jagged into forms a lead sound, backed by the deep roar as if both converse between themselves. This functions like lead and backing, yet both communicate constantly as if in the throes of a violent symphony. 
The level of cut is altered throughout the single piece and has a great impact on the sound, changing it and morphing it throughout. The intensity and drama that appears is intense as the frequency of cut is amplified by sharper sound as if screaming over the wall. When the deeper roar of distortion increases, this intensifies the sound immensely. The shift and change in the work are constant continually referencing itself as the two key sounds change prominence.

Does the music of Ballet go off in the background, is it screened during the making or somehow influence the movement of the work? Is the sharp noise backed by the roar of the wall the amplification of the self and the obsession into an amalgamation of the two into a bigger form presented on this album? I will never know.

As this album ends, it takes a while to regain my bearings. I like this.

Nevis Kretini 2019.

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