Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Animal Machine - Disposable Masochrist Doll.

Animal Machine – Disposable Masochrist Doll. – Single sided cassette/12”vinyl – 2011 – Aargh Records/Invaginity.

Animal Machine is one of Ernesto Bohorquez’s projects, linking it to Wolvestribe and Aargh records. Disposable Masochrist Doll was originally released on single sided 12” vinyl and cassette back in 2011 and it was recorded live in 2009.

My fucking tape didn’t work, so I went to the Bandcamp to review it. It is said to be from Poland on Discogs, poor Half Polish me was very tearful about this. But then that’s the risk and excitement of recycled cassettes. My cassettes original form was Lovers- Sound Sensation from Chevron Records in 1981, it’s 28 years old, exciting stuff.

As with Wolvestribe this is an immediate heavyweight sound. It is a fast-moving work, not dissimilar to a HNW piece, it has a very sharp, cutting, loaded sound.  There is rapid speed to the work, yet the changes in the overall sound are gradual over the 15 minutes of the release. The glitches in sound seem to separate the work into several passages. This is hard hitting noise from another decade that has a more abstract feel to it compared to Wolvestribe, yet this cements my interest in Animal Machine, Wolvestribe and Aargh as one of the leading lights of PE and noise in present day UK.

This is a lively, impressive release. Animal Machine is still releasing prolifically to this day check their sites for more sounds and a chance of catching those elusive Lathe Cut vinyl’s.
I ordered the vinyl of this off Discogs, supporting the scene and all.

Nevis Kretini 2019.

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