Saturday, 16 November 2019

Nacht Und Nebel #2 – Limitations.

Nacht Und Nebel – Limitations – Cassette/Download – Self Released – 2018.

A1. Satin Skin.
A2. Silk Hair.
A3. Velvet Eyes.
A4. Sawdust Heart.

B2 cleansing.
B3. I awoke in a new body.

This cover is silver, the cassette is silver, it shines at you and reflects your image – a beautiful aesthetic object. Each side is marked by a green dot and a red dot and the titles appear to tell a story.

When I look at the cover of this cassette, I see a blurred reflection of myself, so does it represent a distortion of the self, by being reflected in the cover, does the listener become part of the album? Is this representative of being seduced/taken in and losing your sense of self in the process?

Feedback introduces Satin Skin as drones and pulsations begin to play along, the feedback soon becomes apparent Cello abuse that seems to multiply upon itself. The sound becomes urgent and gasping as humming feedback is all that stays constant until the repeatedly sound dies off, the Cello reappears clean during the spluttering and collapsing. I then feel as if I am in a David Lynch film during Silk Hair with the dominant sound being one of strings being hit as rumbling and crunch build around it. The distortion takes prominence as the strings begin to die off; this is deep in sound and resonates until the strings return. Both elements seem to play off each other for a long period of time. Is this the warping of desire?

A more aggressive urgency takes us into Velvet Eyes, there is a bigger build-up of distorted sound here. Some shoutier noise, whether vocal or Cello sourced I am unsure, but this is a much angrier, louder Nacht Und Nebel in play. Feedback and dying drones come in and out of the sound. Warped bursts of sounds and scratchy strings are Sawdust Heart, this track has an early 20th Century Avant Garde feel to it, chimes come in and a chaotic play off ensures. The chaotic nature of Sawdust Heart ensures it stands well against the intensity of earlier tracks.

The glory rays of the Brockengespenst seem to build up with each sound to form a collage of noises, eruptions and clangs that overlay each other - each resonation a new ray that intensifies the entire sound. The gradual build-up here is epic, eventually becoming violent and explosive with a slight restraint. The communication between elements of sound is ever present as if a conversation between characters or a display of emotions.  Cleansing seems to run with the violence of Brockengespenst and build on it. The sounds here contrast the main blasts are seriously processed as a Cello plays over the top of it, with all space filled by distortion – the play off is powerful. The background drones seem to eventually drive the whole piece in different directions.

The finale has its own identity and starts of subtle yet assertive in melody to signify the new start implied by the title. The strings that appear are strained as if to tie in with the intensity of the rest of the album, the pained distortion certainly do as a rebirth is hinted at through title and sound as it dramatically dies off.

This is an excellent cassette with a clear concept and delivery. The sonic communication is clear and focussed, the presentation perfect.

Nevis Kretini 2019

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