Sunday, 3 November 2019

Entre Vifs - No Signal.

Entre Vifs – No Signal – Impulsy Stetoskopu – 2015 – CD – 046

     1.    Session 29B Reveal.
     2.    Session 30-2 Straighten.
     3.    Session 32A Embody.
     4.    Session 17-2* Radiate.
     5.    Session 32B-1 Condense.
     6.    Session 32B-2 Perpetuate.

Bonjour! What a great time to do a review, as you all know I love listening to Entre Vifs as I am still, very much in the mindset that the French make very sophisticated noise. Playing this album over the last few months ensures I won’t be changing that viewpoint anytime soon. Brutalist noise project Entre Vifs has been actively releasing since 1989 and Zorin of Entre Vifs goes back to 1982 and the early years of Le Syndicat, whether his involvement was just visual or in the sound is unknown.

No Signal comes in a metal case with an extensive booklet with visuals and text. Inside the booklet are photos of the bands self-made instruments, with detailed descriptions of all of them. All Sessions were recorded live at their Noisecraft Workshop between 2012 – 15. The members at this time were Zorin and Shirubee, there is also a good picture of them playing live.

As an album I can’t fault this, as now knowing more about the Entre Vifs instruments makes me fascinated as to which instrument creates each sound - this is an added new dimension to my listening. The sound is choppy, metallic, dense and scratchy throughout – the language and communication between instruments is complex. I find myself amazed and lost in the massive sound that it gives off. Certain sessions pull back from being so full and allow space into the sound so there is communication and a bigger dynamic occurring between instruments for long periods of time. The shifts in the overall sound are spontaneous and effective, things don’t stay quiet of full for too long and it never gets boring.

This is another excellent Entre Vifs album, I can’t praise this project enough.

Nevis Kretini 2019.

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