Sunday, 6 October 2019

Satøri - the slaughter EP.

Album: … to the slaughter EP
Artist: Satøri
Label: Self-released
Catalogue no: N/A

1.      Cellar Surgery
2.      Red Mist
3.      Ceci n’est pas un exercice

Satøri is Dave Kirby, and this project specialises in dark, dense, and noisy blankets of sonic assault, as evidenced on the Dispøsessiøn album which I reviewed some time back. This EP, however, has a different flavour to it and is somewhat quieter, but only by a matter of degrees. It’s still noisy, but also wanders into dark noise ambient territory. Make no mistake, though, there’s still enough anger and angst served up here on these three tracks to power a few hundred homes for several years, but even so it’s no exaggeration to say that the species of noise here is narrower and more focused. It’s also laser-sharp, just as capable of cutting deeply, and is uncompromising in its relentlessness.

‘Cellar Surgery’ cuts to the chase with a gargantuan rolling and thunderous pounding, above and through which a bell-like shimmering tone weaves, before a torrential sheet of acidic static pours down like a solid curtain of white-hot sparks, singeing and burning. You can feel the physical weight of that background pounding, a leaden slab of oppressive and immovable darkness hanging menacingly like a dread harbinger. ‘Red Mist’ begins with distant ghostly shouts, but they’re just a prelude to a relentless grainy mass intent on bulldozering all in its path. And while that’s going on one can just about hear other noises going on in the background, but that wall of noise keeps building and growing, the machine making the noise an impossible and ungraspable size. The only thing you can do is hide and hope that it ignores you.

‘Ceci n’est pas un exercice’ (This is not an Exercise) dispenses with any kind of introductory passage and just arrives fully formed and blasting away. Grainy, granular, arcing, and sparking sheet noise, again heavily suggestive of incomprehensible weight, sprays in all directions, not caring what stands in its way or what damage it inflicts. It doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a force of destruction, and merely wants to fulfil its own malign desires.

Three tracks, and three modes of noisy devastation: if anyone needs a sampler of Satøri’s death-tinged noise ambient work then this will serve as a fine starter. It isn’t wall noise, but it is nuanced and varied, suggestive of so much power and devilishness, a Bosch painting brought to life. There’s so much going on here, it is perhaps difficult for the casual listener (if there is such a beast for this music) to grasp that this isn’t noise simply for noise’s sake, but instead a crafted artefact borne out of art and experience. It’s a virtual environment, where the imagery is created by the listener, all inspired by the sonic materials. And it definitely delivers on that score.

Want to hear something even better? It’s free to download on Bandcamp – so get with it!

Psymon Marshall 2019. 

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