Sunday, 22 September 2019

Pervert Wasp - 21/09/19 - Live.

Pervert Wasp. Castle Ruins III closing party. The King Billy Pub. Nottingham. 21/09/19.

I’ve always felt a pang of guilt where Pervert Wasp are concerned, back in 2017 they played Rammel Club. I couldn’t go as I got back from London too late and was too tired to see them. I’d heard that this gig was amazing. I then met one of the players in the band some years later and felt guilty when he said he was a member and I remembered who they were as you don’t forget a name like Pervert Wasp.

One of the members Martin Rayment was the catalogue designer and key organisers of an excellent group show ‘Castle Ruins 3’ at the King Billy in Nottingham and Pervert Wasp were playing as part of the closing party.

When they started playing it was an almost delicate beginning dependent on the subtle dynamics between percussion (2), bass (1) and guitarists (2). It crossed the line between ritual occult psychedelic and fractured Jazz, but in an odd territory. The saxophone player Alasdair Ambrose switched between warped vocals, bongos and sax, which I liked. The rhythm section was subtle, the slightest changes in intensity felt massive and could pull back instantly. There were moments were the nearest comparisons I could draw were early Chrome and the more warped aspects of SMEGMA and the Virgin Prunes and abstractly it was just somewhere else at the same time. The balance between structure and abstraction was delicate. The guest on main percussion was impressive in his ability to maintain the punishing, repetition of the rhythm throughout the performance.

The sense of ritual to the performance was intense, there were laser lights, dry ice and the vocals were chanted. When the saxophone came in, it cut through everything like lone voice, wailing painfully. The rhythm never changed as guitars conversed around it, the vocals switched between Alasdair Ambrose and Ruby Rosetta who did a performance piece with the band playing, she played the part of her missing cat throughout the show, this was equal parts enchanting, frightening and heartfelt as she crawled across the stage and through the audience as a cat. She was dressed in Orange, to represent the ginger colouring of her cat. The use of performance and visuals beyond the usual of just having video or visuals in the background was immense.

This was an amazing performance that built up through powerful dynamics, weirdness and ritual. Listening to what’s on the Bandcamp, this was a lot more out there in comparison. I’ve seen some local bands do epic performances that build up over a few songs, but this was something else as it built up as one continuous jam and worked perfectly.

Nevis Cretini 2019. 

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