Saturday, 28 September 2019

Inner Demons Saturday.

Inner Demons Saturday.

The great thing about doing this blog is choice, I can choose what I review and when I get obsessed about something, I can dive right into it and literally drown if I want to. So, because of that we are having Inner Demons Saturday - a mass review of their latest releases.

Chandrama Sarkar – Guilty Nebula Compound – Download/3”CDR – 2019 – [IND059]

There are many releases by mystery project Chandrama Sarkar on the web. Guilty Nebula Compound is like a psychedelic, horror film, noise tantum, intercepted by squealing vocal sounds that are noise due to their inaudibility. This reminds me of the Hypnagogic Pop era of noise when the Skaters and P.A.R.A. were prominent, with twinges of early Ramleh and Maurizio Bianchi. The vocals try to converse, but are too squealed to make any sense, making the work disorientating and unstable as they become further animated. This Bad Trip of a recording is described as Power Electronics, Noise and Dark Ambient amongst other tags; it does touches base in all these areas whilst still managing to be fresh, urgent and original. This project is worthy of further investigation as this is an impressive, forward thinking release.

Hana Haruna – Sakuraba Atsuko – Download/3”CDR – 2019 – [IND062] 

Hana Haruna is another mystery project linked mostly to the Portland based Basement Corner Emissions label. Sakuraba Atsuko revels in sharp, static hiss and electrostatic as if lose powerful electrical cables splashing about to create sparks and shocks of noise. This is like an aggressive take on wall noise with feedback and background noise contributing to the mass of sound. Despite the sharpness of the foreground noise, what’s going on in the background is very interesting, I found myself homing in on that a lot, further mystery and further questions. Another Inner Demons gem.

YSK – CLSOL – Download/3”CDR – 2019 – [IND066]

     1.    CLSOL001.
     2.    CLSOL002.
     3.    CLSOL003.

YSK is a Japanese project. This like Hanu Haruna delivers harsh tones mostly in the form of sharp foreground static, but with the background noises being more recognisable. There seems to be a wall of static hiss and sounds going off simultaneously. Both accelerate together pushing each other into overdrive. The impressive shift in the first track is as humming becomes more prominent and mournful as it eventually dominates the work.

The Prominent hum is something that leads us to 002, this resonates in a Death Industrial manner, throbbing mercilessly. Waves of sharp noises form a display that builds continuously, the urgency and overdrive that builds is pure dominant Power Electronics. The work intensifies to its’ highest levels of noise for 003, this seems an impossible task after the first two tracks, but it works well.  This is by far the most intense Inner Demons Release I have heard so far.
J3M5 – Point of Origin – Download/3”CDR – 2019 – [IND061]
01 Point of Origin.

This is the odd card of the releases I am reviewing today; it doesn’t explode like the others. It has a futuristic sound, some vague, slow rhythm and distant echoes with bleeps and noises at the forefront. Point of Origin has a Sci-fi feel to it as if playing in a distant dark galaxy while the noises represent interactions of some sort. As Point of Origin progresses it becomes darker and the percussive elements are more punishing – the noises become ruder and interruptions are increasingly aggressive. This is one of many shifts that happen throughout the track, Point of Origin never stays the same, what we start with and finish with are two completely different things.

Nevis Kretini 2019.

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