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Inner Demons Records - #5 - This Is What I Hear When You Talk.

This Is What I Hear When You Talk – Untitled – 2 x 3”CDR – Inner Demons Records - 2018 – IND055D

Disc 1 - PARTICLE_SMASHER_+->_MARIO->_PS-3->_AFTERNEATH->_GEARS->_TM300->_FX86->_DD100≈21


This Is What I Hear When You Talk appears to be an Inner Demons in house project as all the releases that I can find are on the label, there have been online and physical releases since around 2018 yet there is zero information on the project. Untitled comes as a beautifully presented 2 x 3”CDR release. The insert has the long titles on yet no info about the project.

Disc 1 has a busy, dense wall, there is a sharp crackle in the foreground whilst the bass roar partially covers it. Drifting in and out of the wall simultaneously makes the listener tune into the background sounds, yet they remain undistinguishable. I don’t know if they are linked to Playstation3 games, respect to the retro qualities, but how one cannot be seduced by the modern beauty of the PS4 completely baffles me. The electricity of the sharper crackle intensifies throughout adding a sharp electricity to the proceedings, this is a dense work with a shifting intensity. The titles add a sense of humour to the work and tie in well with the ethos of Inner Demons.

The wall of Disc 2 has a prominent splatter, a loose quality due to the rev of sloppy bass behind it, ensuring an inconsistency of shape for further sharp crackle to dance around. The sharp crackle has a metallic clatter to it, making for an obvious and sharp contrast of sounds. I feel the loose quality also differs from the density of the first disc.
These are two walls that aren’t formulaic and each stand alone as good works in themselves additionally bolstered by the usual impressive Inner Demons visual presentation.

This is what I Hear When You Talk – I Really Want Brett To Like This, But He Probably Won’t. – 3cdr – Inner Demons Records – 2019.


There are no walls on I Really Want Brett To Like This, But He Probably Won’t, this is more of a noise/Power Electronics release. It uses pulsations and crackle to build the first work, using damaged electronics and wavering distortion to build sounds, that pulsate until it dies off. The second track uses beats in the background to a similar display of noise, the beat isn’t the usual electro, slightly techno sound, but more of an acoustic hand percussion, the rhythm works with the noise as if one, they blend and form an excellent overall sound. The Third track pulsates and drags, no beats just an exhausted, rhythmic pained sound that is a lot darker than the previous two tracks. This progresses to the final track, which continues the rhythmic pulsations with more distortion building like a swarm of flies accelerating itself to an end.

This is my favourite release of the two, the walls of the Untitled album are great, but there is a tangible darkness to this album… that isn’t debunked by the title, in fact; it drowns the own title to become a defined and solid work. Brett might not like it, but don’t worry it’s excellent work.

Choppy Noodles 2019.

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