Thursday, 19 September 2019

Inner Demons - #6 - prd.

prd – LEGO Amy Hair – Inner Demons Records – 2018 – 3”CDR – IND030-

1.            LEGO Amy Hair.

prd – Tines Down – Inner Demons Records – 3”CDR – 2019 -IND058 –

1.            Tines Down.

Prd is the Oakland based project of Dave Oleksy, both Eps were recorded live in the studio with no overdubs and released on Inner Demons Records. We have LEGO Amy Hair from 2018 and Tines Down that was released this year.

LEGO Amy Hair is a baffling title, but don’t be fooled, distant, pulsating ambient electronica builds gradually. This is a subtle piece that engages in good atmospherics. Noise enters the sound as if water running at speed through a pipe, this is at times replaced with the space like sounds that started the recording. LEGO Amy Hair is like dream music, the soundtrack to deep sleep and the vast landscapes of the mind. This is a gorgeous work.

There are no repeating past sounds for Tines Down, this is a more aggressive release by far. The sound appears to rev itself up at the start – a digital acceleration. Certain frequencies rise and gain prominence as the accelerations happen around them. LEGO was stayed with the same sounds throughout, this does too, but the prominences of different sounds are prevalent at different times, making for an impressive, aggressive, part PE/noise recording.

Both prd recordings are good albums and I’d recommend them both. Keep up the good work.

Choppy Noodles 2019.

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