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HOMExINVASION – Thousands of Trivial Wounds. – 2019 – Cassette – Self Released.

Two Sides of Static.
     1.    I (19:50)
     2.    II (19:32)  

There are many prolific wall projects, this one is defined through a journey into the self and examination of habits and eventual change. HOMExINVASION is a Northampton based HNW project that has been actively releasing since 2018, there have been around 19 online releases in that time, I believe there may be three physical releases too. I feel HOMExINVASION follows a grimier undercurrent in the UK focused on the violent and grimier side of UK life, this seems to be a prominent theme with far more fertile ground than the usual politically ambiguous growling that dominates European PE and Harsh Noise. I feel the UK landscape crops up in the imagery of various releases by the project.

Thousands of Trivial Wounds – I. This is a cassette release with Black on White artwork. The wall of distortion has an immediate shifting, ever evolving splatter. The resonance of the wall does continually evolve and morph, there is a sharp background crackle that develops and contrasts with the blast of the main wall. The sharpness of the background also shifts into a higher pitch to add another voice of sound to the work. A dragging texture builds as the piece grows; this is then replaced by a revving splatter with pulsating back hum. The continual rolling movement makes for good consistent change in the piece.  

II has an immediate crispness to its tone and a digitalness to the back sound; an artificial quality to the back drone. The sharper waves of distortion that rise to the top of the sound demonstrate impressive dynamic. I like this effect; it adds a deconstruction to the wall as if there are two walls working separately. Pulsations that evolve are impressive they add a jagged quality that revs and later blends back to the overall wall that has now morphed into an entire whole sound. The feel to II is more manic than the first side, there is a frantic energy to the work that really comes through.

HOMExINVASION – Decomposing in A Trench – CDR – Self Released 2019.

1.    Decomposing in A Trench. (8:47)

This one has a sharp back tone that cuts through the bass of the distortion; a very different wall is evident. This wall has a stripped back sound that holds the distortion back as if resonating its own deadness. The bass in this is very low down as if backing the sound mix with a more stable sound that shifts less dramatically. The background becomes more active with sounds going off around each other, well hidden, but there. The frontal distortion, grows slightly, but becomes more confident as it builds only to die at its sudden stop.

I admire that HOMExINVASION has progressed from online file releases to making its own physical releases. A physical release is always a stronger statement than an online file release. The CDR is a short and sweet release with a unique sound, I like the overall progressive nature of this work and its overwhelming bleakness. The tape is strong with excellent tracks and a bold visual style. This has been a good HNW experience, here’s to more good work from HOMExINVASION. Excellent work!

Choppy Noodles 2019.

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