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Blitzkrieg Baby - Homo Sapiens Parasitus

Album: Homo Sapiens Parasitus
Artist: Blitzkrieg Baby
Label: Neuropa Records
Catalogue no: NRP 69

     1.      Hip Hip Hooray
     2.      Apocalypse to Go
     3.      Boys will be Boys
     4.      The March of Human Progress I
     5.      The March of Human Progress II
     6.      Praise the Pig
     7.      A Child Soldier with the Eyes of a Clown
     8.      Filth Load
     9.      Boo Fucking Hoo
   10.  Pre-Cum of the Apocalypse
   11.  Homo Sapiens Parasitus & the Countdown to Extinction

This is Blitzkrieg Baby’s second album on the Neuropa label, the first album Porcus Norvegicus (NRP 35) being released in 2012, and subsequently followed up by a trilogy of EPs on Thomas Ekelund’s (Trepanerungsritualen) label Beläten. This isn’t the first time I’ve encountered Kim Sølve’s work, as many years ago I reviewed a Swarms release for another music site. The latter project was very much in dark ambient territory, but Blitzkrieg Baby is something else entirely, being a mixture of song and instrumental pieces that present as a series of menacing, nihilistic, vituperative slices of industrial/martial/noise/death & dark ambient ranting that’s as black as it gets.

Just a glance at the album and song titles will clue you in to the general tenor of BB’s thesis – that mankind is a parasite and should be removed from this planet, and I have a sneaking suspicion that those who will like this the most won’t need any persuading on that score. These eleven pieces stalk and glower, a gargantuan sun-blotting hulk of a beast, an anti-body intent on ridding the Earth of its most troublesome virus: us. It refuses to pull any punches, combining sharp lyrics, pounding militaristic drums relentless in their power, drones, samples, and whatever other tools and weapons that are needed to get the point across. It’s a completely misanthropic and lightless album, allowing for no excuses or any get-out-of-jail-free cards for mankind – the message is that homo sapiens has to go if the world is to survive.

If you really wrap that message around your head, it becomes an uncomfortable listen, but who is to say that there isn’t an element of truth contained here? It’s a precise, razor-sharp, and laser-accurate indictment of humanity’s collective behaviour and ignorance – a reality-check on the real state of the world. We’re not covering ourselves with glory, that’s for sure, and the picture this paints doesn’t give any hope that we’ll turn over a new leaf and change our behaviour any time soon. Action is needed now, not at some hypothetical future point: but we know all too well that that is never going to happen.

Homo Sapiens Parasitus is, in spite of its premise and darkness, quite an accessible album, but definitely not a good old singalong either, certainly engaging however and not without flashes of humour (there’s a very brief outro of someone singing one-hit wonder Europe’s famous refrain from their ‘The Final Countdown’ at the very end of the album – let’s all laugh while the apocalypse rages around us). The sentiments expressed here are very critical of the way we conduct ourselves, a situation that we hear about or witness on a daily basis. It’s too trite to say ‘Well, we’ve always been like that’ as if that’s an excuse, a whitewashing and a shrugging of the shoulders as if to say there’s nothing we can do about it. What this album is saying is yes, there is a solution: maybe an asteroid with our name on it is already on its way for a date with earth. At that point the choice will be taken away from us.

Thoroughly recommended, and available on 12” vinyl in an edition of 150 – some in black vinyl, some in white vinyl, and the rest in grey vinyl. Order from here:

Psymon Marshall 2019. 

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