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Revisiting the Premature Ejaculation Discography 2 - Part 2 - 2010.

Premature Ejaculation - (Part 2) (1981) – 2xCDR - Malaise Music - Mal 2 - 2010.

Part 2 was the second tape released by Rozz Williams and Ron Athey as Premature Ejaculation in 1981. It was never officially released, only copied with artwork and distributed to friends. Here it was fully remastered in double disc form, original artwork; it differs greatly from Part 1. This was released at the same time as Part 1 by the second version of Malaise Music as intended by the original Malaise Music in the 1990s.

Part 1 was a series of differing experiments within the noise /industrial /experimental genre. Part 2 is one long continuous 45 minute work; it contains a lot of the methods explored in part 1 and it yet attempts to work them all together. Part 2 functions as a journey (or a trip.) across the American landscape via different field recordings. In-between bursts of frequency assault, wind tunnel like sounds move along as if moving location until changing to engine noise and back. Noise is pushed to unbearable frequencies at various times throwing out sounds so warped they become abstract and their sources undetectable. Deliberately or because of recording quality, sounds are broken up for periods of time into fractured rhythms, all incorporated into the entire sound.

Fractured voices appear regularly; inaudible conversations, Preachers in the street and film dialogue. The voices are never given full clarity, their speed is mutated to become 'other' sounds that work within the entire equation; the voice is abstracted elsewhere. Although not the first, this is primitive voice-based noise that lies in a chain of abstracted voice work within experimental music. The vocals are frequent interruptions or stops within the journey until we are moved along. At times I am sure I can hear Rozz’s voice within the journey.  Further stops include fairground noise, domestic sounds, train tracks and TV ads. These are not glorified, if anything it is an empty lonely dark trip. More and more upon each listen Part 2 becomes re representation and commentary on the American landscape that existed at this time in Rozz and Ron’s lives.

Part 2's use of noise is not pure or focused enough to be considered pure noise or power electronics, but it tries and comes close. However, there was already a fully formed awareness of all the electronic extreme genres as there were still industrial concerns in noise at this point, whereas today those concerns seemed to have returned to the forefront. What is very evident is that after Part 1's experiments in sound, Part 2 is an attempt at a conceptualized passage of work. This is still far from fully formed in sound, but it is strong and bares more resemblance to PE's future work. PE would never really do one long work in their later label released work, yet (dark) ambient passages of sound became their forte; mental associations could always be made to strong suggestive effect. Part 2 does prove PE to now be a project well capable of sustaining works for long periods of time.

The bonus disc is not part of Part 2, but five separate recordings Ron and Rozz made a year later in 1982 tackle religion (a constant Rozz theme) and noise.  However these do show a better quality of recording and the beginnings of a more cohesive approach to P.E's work. Choir arrangements are boiled and drowned whilst others turn into hallucinogenic nightmares; further religious torment from Rozz. There is a long track from a sex education video of children's voices describing the process of sexual intercourse, the sample is not touched, just played in its entirety and more disturbing after the nightmarish sermons that came before. There are two final tracks that present a more accomplished, aggressive, minimal noise assault, still very different to what there is today. This is a primitive yet important document that shows the journey gradually beginning to find its own direction.
The beauty of reconnecting with this project is immense.


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