Tuesday, 20 August 2019

ANTIchildLEAGUE,Sandblasting - The Grey Lady.

Antichildleague, SANDBLASTING – The Grey Lady. Not on Label. CD – 2019 – Limited to 30 copies.

The Grey Lady.
Easy Lady.
Lost on the Motorway.
Excite Me.

This is a new, very limited (30) release CDR with Sandblasting providing the sounds and Antichildleague providing the vocals.

The Grey Lady was very different from what I was expecting, it starts off with warped vocals, but once the noises lick in, it is very rhythmic with massive beats and synthesizer drones very prevalent. The vocal is very ACL – warped and inhuman. The electronics and effects are strong, I feel I received this at the right time as I am listening to a lot of Beat driven noise such as Salford Electronics, Occulting Light, Soft Kill and Tetsuo at present.

All tracks are heavy on deep atmospherics, with the vocals whispered, screamed and shouted. At times I am reminded of the broodier, later work of Pain Teens. It seems to build images of cityscapes and their activities – there is an urban feel to the work. Quirky beats and rhythms have long been an occasional guest on ANTIchildLEAGUE albums, and this seems to pull the project well into it.

After my Birmingham gig escapades from a few weeks ago, Lost on the Motorway’s intense, lively rhythms and beats take me back to the journey home from the said event. These malfunctions and slowly rebuilds to an impressive dance and dance. The electronics seem to drag and shoot off at high speeds. The final track Excite Me seems to be the fastest track, reminds me of the film Trainspotting and its observations of the darker sides of life, this falls into some warped form of Techno that drops and rises in sound; the beats seem to get faster until it ends.

I like this, as a collaboration it brings out an area of ACL that’s kind of lurked in the background for years only surfacing in the odd warped form again, I feel Gaya’s voice works well with beats. The music is good, using minimal elements to create big sounds that are rich and evocative. The work of both artists gels together well, making for a solid, atmospheric release. It isn’t listed on eithers Bandcamp, but the CD is available on Discogs, no downloads, just a very limited CD - Good work.

Choppy Noodles 2019.

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