Sunday, 28 July 2019

Världsbrand ‎– Något Ur Inget

Världsbrand ‎– Något Ur Inget – Download - Dead Field Records ‎– [DFR514] – 2019.


1. I Okakt Med Samtiden.
2. Något Ur Inget.
3. Kestina.
4. Bödelstaxa. 


Något Ur Inget is amongst eight Världsbrand recordings that have been recorded and released this year, this Swedish act formed around 1997, did a few recordings that were shelved then the project was revived in late 2018. This four-track release is on Russian label Dead Field Records.

The work is introduced by huge rotating, repetitive pulsating drones as zappy, sharp sounds that cut into the work. The sharper, cutting sounds begin to dominate and dictate how the sounds work. The dialogue between the two sets of sounds shifts well, repetitive yet changing within itself too. There is a futuristic feel to ‘I Otakt Med Samtiden’, I’d like to see how these simple electronics function in a live setting.

Cold, distant electronics and beats form Något Ur Inget, there is a mournful electronic guitar frequency that controls the sad mood of the work. I am loving the beats as I’m generally loving beats in noise right now. Strong atmospherics are demonstrated here, and I love it.
Again, Kestina takes a very different approach to the other two tracks. This starts with some wavery pulsations that shift in speed as if warped around rapidly. Distorted vocals come in the distance and add an extra dimension. The electronics seem to intensify after the vocal, with warped pulsations intensifying to revved electronics that seem simultaneously repeat and morph. Warped instrument tones, beats and metallic percussion play around each other to make Bödelstaxa,

The album doesn’t have a clear cohesion that binds all four very different tracks; yet it can be split into two tracks without beats and two with. There is a warpage of sound throughout and a consistent playfulness amongst the range of methods presented here. But saying that they’re all strong, making Något Ur Inget an enjoyable listen.

Choppy Noodles 2019.

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