Thursday, 4 July 2019

Ritual Chair - Post Stacy.

Ritual Chair – Post Stacy. Cassette. Uninvited Records. UNR25. 2017.

  Side A.
   1.  I Hear Themis Calling.
   2.  Zeta Prayer.
   3.  I Have 5 Instagram Accounts.
   4.  The Creed.

  Side B.
   1.  Top House Sorority.
   2.  We Should Have Been Hazed.
   3.  How to Build A Personality.

Me: What’s a Sorority?

Friend: It’s Similar to Masonic Lodges with Freemasons.

In the last Ritual Chair review, I moaned, saying I wanted more, so I was lucky that another tape arrived this week (Post – Stacy) - I’d had some Facebook and Discogs luck, Ritual Chair and Skeleton Dust Records came through for me this month. So straight to work.

I talked of the Esoteric aspect of Ritual Chair on the Lacrimae Arma Feminae Sunt cassette. This release is even more so, it is based around Ritual Chairs time in a Sorority. The warping of the dialogue is extreme to the point where you know it is there, yet it is inaudible due to the distortion and warping. The dialogue which I believe is the author and field recordings of time spent there is sometimes played out, then played back in reverse. It is as if she is trying to show the basic horror of that time and its events and then unearth it’s under currents until there is nothing left but what it is – a stripping away of the layers of time if you like.

The use of noise is subtle, it functions on a similar yet more discreet way to Brock Turner, the noise teases around the dialogue as if to be the point of view of the maker. The psychedelic through repetition and minimal use of different elements creates a dream-like state. Like Ashamed there are dialogues explaining what happened, it isn’t as clear, it’s warped and distorted. The esoteric aspect is how it is made to feel like a bad dream, your mood is shifted throughout the release, the past is unearthed, but it is made present by being mocked and dissected. Post Stacey is someone taking the peer pressure of the past and framing it as a picture. I am led to ask who is Stacey, is she a nickname, is she a bullying peer, a deceased peer? The feel of this tape is distressing, traumatic and haunted – it is a bad memory made into a C17. It is real, yet doesn’t feel other worldly, like a different dimension. The artwork seems to be the Sorority Crest in the hairs of a target.

The more I am pulled into this project, the more I am punished, the surprise of where it goes each time is a massive reward each time. Excellent work.

Choppy Noodles, 2019.

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