Saturday, 27 July 2019

Carmina Funebria - Ecce Mors.

Album: Ecce Mors
Artist: Carmina Funebria
Label: Putridarium
Catalogue no: N/A


     1.      The Advent and the Triumph
     2.      The Consecration – Devotion

Trolling around on a site like Bandcamp can sometimes yield some obscure gems, just like this one from Carmina Funebria on Spain’s Putridarium label. A two-track limited edition cassette of just 50 copies, what we’re offered here is nigh-on thirty minutes of doomy, dark, funereal ambient, dredged up from the depths of the deepest parts of Hades.

This is wonderful stuff – truly atmospheric, drenched in darkness and stifling miasmatic airs, lightless, occult, coming from a place deep within where hope withered and died many aeons ago. This isn’t a place for the living – its only denizens the wandering, listless shades of the dead. Time is stretched to infinity, where a second becomes an eternity, and time has lost all meaning. Time spent here is a punishment in itself. ‘The Advent and the Triumph’ looms out of the Earth, black and shapeless, a harbinger of the coming doom, gongs ringing like mirages in some sunless, hot desert. It smothers and suffocates all in its path, crushing relentlessly, stifling and extinguishing light. The Black Behemoth is uncaring, unfeeling, blind, and pitiless.

‘The Consecration – Devotion’ is a call to the ancestors, a rite performed in some cavern far below the mass of beetling humanity scuttling on the face of the world. Distant voices only vaguely heard, bells as occasional punctuation, and subterranean winds bellowing from the dankest chasms. Is it a rite of supplication? Or of evocation, calling forth some loathsome creature? Or is it something darker, even more sinister? Are the celebrants even human? Perhaps this is some ritual that’s been performed ever since the world began, out of the sight and hearing of humanity? It’s all a deep, unfathomable mystery, perhaps only meant for those with the ears to hear, eyes to see, and the mind to comprehend.

If you like funereal doom with some heavily occult atmospherics, swathed in lightless dark, and drenched in overtones of death, then this is more than worth a try. Available as a digital download and also as a limited edition cassette of just 50 copies, housed in a silkscreened cardboard box – purchase from here:

Psymon Marshall 2019. 

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