Monday, 8 April 2019

Treriksröset – Kristen Musik Från Rågsved

Treriksröset – Kristen Musik Från Rågsved – Harbinger Sound – LP – HARBINGER179 – 2019.

Filantropen (irate, peeved).

I tacksamhet.


Kristen Musik Från Rågsved.

As of yesterday I now own a Tommy Carlsson record. All I knew of him prior to this receiving the Treriksröset record was the outspoken interview he did in Special Interest magazine a few years ago*. He also ran a label called Segerhuva that re-issued the RJF album a decade ago as well as contemporary noise acts such as Government Alpha, Sewer Election and Incapacitants amongst many others over an eleven-year period. This, his latest 12” record was also recorded in Mono.

Humming resonates as voices (possibly sampled) converse in the background, a grey wall of distortion and feedback go off, the mono aspect makes it bleaker in sound. It’s like an alpha male Harsh Wall, solid, dense, thick and virtually impenetrable. We only hear the background noises we’re allowed to, it’s as if strictly controlled beyond belief. Layers of distortion are introduced throughout, until it dies off to an end. This is a bold, firm introduction to this work.

The second track begins as choppier bits of noise, it seems to be demonstrating how to use machinery and feedback to make good noise, words* put into practice. As the wall of distortion begins to rise, the electronic noises argue defiantly. Like the first track, the wall seems dominant, allowing certain sounds to come through the wall and others to enter from the outside - a fight of sound if you like.  It is as if the creator is playing around with the walls of noise as they shift around continuously, dramatically faltering and accelerating.

The longer title track forms the B-side of the record, it’s immediately thick and clogged by grey noise. Sharp itches of feedback noise struggle in the background, the wall dominates; this track is the most suffocating work on the album. Due to its length it seems larger in sound, as if making full use of the time it has. The work strips itself back so only the wall of distortion radiates allowing for a clear definition of the sound interruptions, it then gains momentum as if to force itself into overdrive until it melts down again.  Density increases as the work exhausts itself for minimal elements such as low hum feedback and hiss to dominate. Things splutter and fight until a locked groove signifies the end.

The dense mono sound blackens and greys the work throughout, but the work continually fights against the restrictive mono which makes for a very effective sound. This is a masterful, dominating piece of work, another highlight of 2019.

Choppy Noodles 2019

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