Thursday, 11 April 2019

The Infernal Kitchen Scandals

The G.R. OrchestraThe Infernal Kitchen Scandals - 2019 -     

1.       Fuckin’ Disaster.
2.       Fuckin’ Critical.
3.       Fuck Yourself.
4.       Don’t Call Me Fuckin’ Mate.

Denmark based G R Orchestra’s ‘The Infernal Kitchen Scandals’ was originally recorded in 2016 by Per Najbjerg Odderskov. It will be released on CD in April 2019.  Its theme is foul mouthed TV celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, known for his aggressive verbal outbursts and confrontations that frequently erupt on most of his Television programmes.  There have been enough Ramsay TV confrontations to provide this project with enough sample material for a very large discography. I am unsure if all the samples are Ramsey based or if there is cross contamination with other sample sources.

All the tracks use the said Ramsay samples to provide a verbally violent sample base for each track. These are then coupled with massive Death Synths, Power Electronic noises and distortions. Samples are looped, placing emphasis on shouting and arguing to the point of insanity; making for aggressive, tense landscapes of noise and samples.

This recording demonstrates a unique use of mass media sampling that isn’t themed on the usual criminal interviews, disaster newscasts, victim statements etc. It does have a quirky avant-garde quality to it through its playfulness and humour in how the samples are tweaked and looped - this shifts the sample context a lot and contrasts with the consistent tension in the work. It also in parts, strips itself down to a minimal use of sound and can move into some ambient territory at times; along with the areas of overload allows for the samples to be consistently effective. I found it very tense and hard to review at the same time. But still, this is a good, well thought out fuckin' recording!!!!!!!!!

Choppy Noodles 2019. 

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