Sunday, 20 January 2019

Institution D.O.L.

Institution D.O.L. – Our Love Can Destroy This Whole Fucking World – 2019. Torm ENT CD/LP

For a long period of time Institution D.O.L. was the solo project of Barbie B, however he is now joined by Meta Dolor. Our Love Can Destroy this Whole Fucking World is the 8th Institution D.O.L. album. It was recorded in Italy, Germany and Austria, Institution D.O.L. has been actively releasing albums since 1999 and is based in Austria.

The sense of occasion built by the intro gives me the sense this is going to be something special. I’m reminded of the opening ceremony in the film Eyes Wide Shut before things get down and dirty. As the noisier tracks kick in and expansive sense of space is created, the vocals continually shift from the distant background to being more foregrounded. This space and depth are maintained throughout and the work does play on the stage that this creates. It’s very effective as you’re forced to follow the sound wherever it goes, you can’t passively listen.

There are a lot of muddy, hellish tracks on the album that stand as good exploration of more threatening, brooding sounds. This leads to one of the main strengths of the album, which is the instrumentation and harmony that seems to shine through the blistering rage - it appears in the form of keyboard drones and piano melodies. Another strength is the tension between noise and melody that is formed which balances precariously, intensifying the works’ drama as that balance sways. When the melody does come through this, it’s impressive.

The vocals rage away, at times they are very tortured and becomes pleading and desperate, pushing further intensity into the album. Tracks generally flows well, In Dust and Depth disrupts this, as it works too differently to the other tracks and breaks the continuity. In contrast, the longer final title track really plays to all the projects strengths, adding an epic finale to the album.  The album does mix Industrial, Dark ambient, Death Industrial/Power Electronics methods to good effect, breaking down into something else way beyond its descriptions, continually pushing beyond its own limits - thus making for good work.

Choppy Noodles 2019.

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