Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Into the Abysse.

Abysse – Bulles Noires. 3” CDR. Limited to 10 copies. . November 2018.

1 – 002 [07’38’’]
2 – 003 [08’02’’]

Bulles Noires consists of two live sets by this one-man French noise project known as Abysse. There have been several releases on Bandcamp, some self-released and on other labels. The project is also linked to the French Street Art scene; as marker pan artwork features on this release and many of the others. This recording collects two live performances to small, select audiences. This is linked to other projects including - The HNW Quartet, Static Park, The Future and Figures of Solitude amongst many others. The 3” CDR format is presented in a Black pouch with a White capital A patch sewn into it.

Minimalism is the key word for these unflinching repetitions of sound, it juxtaposes up 4 discreet sound elements together. Bulles Noires sounds like a locked grove surrounded by pulsating waves of sound jarring against each other. The sound subtly intensifies throughout the track with interventions of hissing noise. It reminds me of some of the aggressive loops used on early 70s, Krautrock albums. There is a feeling of controlled points of malfunction spread across the performance that serve as uncomfortable points of silence where the sound doesn’t really start up again as it continues in your head throughout the silence. The subtle variations of intensity are assertive through their impact on the works atmosphere.  Rising levels of static hiss don’t allow for the silence to be repetitive, they vary it.

The repetition makes this function on the same principles as HNW as it doesn’t really let up, when it pauses it is too late as it is etched into your brain, even when it ends suddenly. Despite not being so obviously aggressive, it is, as it zones you into the sound and you’re stuck inside. This process is repeated on both performances, but little is revealed. I’d like to see how this process works on a whole album, over more tracks or a very long one. The little black pouch contains a brief happening of sound that is difficult and uncompromising.

Choppy Noodles 2018.

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