Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The death is in the details - Awakening the Waves.

The Death Is in The Details – Awakening the Waves.

Bandcamp Release, 2016, 3 Track Album, download.

The Death Is in the Details is a one woman Dark Ambient project based in London UK. To my understanding, there have been several full-length releases made - but this is said to be the best representation of The Death Is in The Details so far.

Submerge crashes in with huge arching drones that create a large display of ambient power, the mood settles into a suspenseful and foggy abstract space. Drones cut in and out of the work, building the work to a climax until it dies. This allows for higher pitched drones to serve as the entrance for The Debris You Created; resonating drones and static hiss intertwine with harsher shifts in tone allowing for a darker more aggressive passage of sound. Hums and drones pulsate to intensify the track towards the end. Heard emerges from a distance, rumbling and farting away to lower more infected sounding frequencies than before. This is the most intense track of the three, it doesn’t rise to the levels of Submerge or Debris, but achieves intensity gradually and subtly.

Awaking the Waves is a strongly ritualistic collection of three individual tracks with distinct individual identities. The use of drones and subtle introduction of various sounds affect the shifts in mood of each track well. It demonstrates direct and concise use of sound to affect the mood of each track, there is no waste or error; everything is organised with clear purpose. This is a strong album I’d gladly recommend.

Choppy Noodles 2017. 

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