Monday, 30 November 2020

Dvosed - Prhnoba

Dvosed – Prhnoba – CD/download – 2019- Slušaj Najglasnije.

I got this cd some time ago from Matjaz who does the amazing noise project Gen26. It isn’t normally in the remit of what I review, but I have kept listening to it a lot over the last 6 months. I went on to find out that Dvosed comes from Slovenia and have done 2 albums since 2017, they are Simon Bergoč and Edo Fičor. On this release poetry and vocals are provided by Vid Sagadin Žigon.

This album seems grounded in a dark atmospheric jazz that is extremely evocative. At first it is just drums and guitar, they linger until sounds go off like fireworks in the background, this forms Nabab. I build images in my head as the album plays, I went to Croatia once and feel that area of Europe in these songs. I’d love one day to go to Slovenia and see Dvosed play one day.

Vid Sagadin Žigon’s dialogue enters Prhnoba on Micelij… Gobe, the slow lingering guitars and noises play whist Žigon’s spoken dialogue compliments this. Sampled dialogue forms … and instrumentals and noise converse in Dromedar Superstar, the same dialogue source soon comes back to work with the melody. Piano melody repeats as the noise menaces itself into a hyperdrive.

APKM Crvi, is sinister noise, spoken poetry and jazz drumming and is at once spacey and playful as the jogging drums and deep synths end up in a lone dialogue. Discordant guitar and Žigon’s spat out dialogue work together, noises fill the background create a massive shift in sound for Jebi Se Smst. Sinister, subtle jams ingulf me as speakerphone dialogue, jazz drumming, discordant guitar and noises play Cassini which feels like a tense dialogue that could have an unhappy ending if things go wrong. It doesn’t go wrong because Dvosed are brilliant.

Quacky farts are the introduction to Cioran as percussion slowly forms from wooden clicks to the kit. Dialogue eventually joins the proceedings. Those slow mournful early orning guitar twangs come back as ambient sounds form the backdrop to the luscious landscape that is Levitacija. Deeps drums and screwy noise form Gravitacija, soon warbling harmonics wash over this to form an effective instrumental, multiple harmonies resonate around each other, this is beautiful experimentation.

I genuinely love this album, it is like good dark chocolate, seductive, velvety, and smooth. Prhnoba is one of the best albums I have ever received for this blog and Dvosed, I truly thank you for making it.

EBV 2020.

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