Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Lowered - arche (for gongs) 2016

Lowered - Arche (For Gongs) trome 006

Lowered is the project of Chris Gowers, this is the second Lowered release; Lost Seas being the first in 2013. Arche was recorded and recommended to me by Colin Bradley of dual and mastered by Fraser McGowan . Gowers is also responsible for another solo project called Karnia ESP.

Arche is made up of Gowers' field recordings from different locations and acoustic sounds. Static hiss comes from different field recordings of wind and trees and the accompanying minimal palette of sounds is supplied by singing bowls and a 32* Tam Tam. The field recordings simultaneously work as backgrounds, yet at times produce waves of distortion that crash through the sounds of the Tam Tam and Bowl's. This interruption is returned by returned rise of the same drones throughout Arche.

Another way I viewed Arche is the acoustic sounds provide a suspenseful soundtrack to the Natural Environment recreated by the field recordings. Was Gowers thinking of the areas where he recorded when he used the instrumentation, did he play along to his own field recordings, or as the whole environment created in the studio? Either way, this 30 minute piece is a strong first album in a series of arche recordings to be made by Lowered. It is complimented beautifully by Gower's own photography. I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Choppy Noodles 2016


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