Sunday, 7 July 2019

Emil Siemeister / Z'EV & Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau

Emil Siemeister / Z'EV & Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau ‎– Fluxus Often Reminds Me Of Biathlon. Psych.KG – Cassette – 2018 -

A1           –Emil Siemeister            Corpus Organum (Trockenefrah) pt.1     
A2           –Emil Siemeister              Corpus Organum (Trockenefrah) pt.2     
B             –Z'EV & Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau         Der Muter Objekt

I confess to being in the grey about most of the artists on this tape, I’ve read quite a lot of Zev interviews and only have one album by Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau, but I enjoyed all those things mentioned if that’s any consolation. Emil Siemeister is a visual artist who does some good artwork, I looked at the work and I liked, he does some really good drawings. But in truth I’m going in here blind.

Things scrape, twang, clang and clatter, a steady abstract percussion builds, it’s purposely challenging to hear – but the communication is clear throughout the work. It reminds me in part of some of the early Smegma live experiences that I have seen. The first Corpus becomes stronger and stronger as it unfolds. The second Corpus is way more aggressive and confrontational in how it is played out. I know it isn’t ‘Industrial’ but the raw nature of this work and serious metal abuse is as Industrial as it gets, perhaps too Industrial for some listeners. But as each work builds and finds its momentum, things become exciting. On a raw level this is great.

The Der Muter Object piece is really slow and dark. I feel it could be slowed down voices overlaid; the only clear voice is the opening voice. It functions as a slow, dreamlike – nightmare piece of work, Der Muter Objekt rolls, shifts and descends on itself continuously in slow motion. Advanced is a word that comes to mind, this is very effective, brilliantly executed work.

All the artists on here have made challenging, strong work. This tape - all I can say is wow!

Choppy Noodles 2019.

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