Sunday 6 September 2020

Chrup / Gen 26 – Post Viral Madness

Chrup / Gen 26 – Post Viral Madness – CD / Download – Terraformer Research Facilities – 2020

      1.    Chrup – Crying

      2.    Gen 26 – Zvocna surovina.

      3.    Gen 26 – Kolonija.

      4.    Gen 26 – Regeneraci sonda.

      5.    Gen 26 – Genetska modifikacija organskih celic.

      6.    Gen 26 – Prasna Nevihta.

I’ve reviewed Gen 26 a few times over the last few months and have become familiar with Matjaž Galičič and his stripped down, raw take on Harsh Noise. This latest work Post Viral Madness is a split, with a newer Czech project called Chrup.

Children’s cries serve as intro and end to this work. Big resonations of tunnelled, blasting sound progress into roaring violence. At first, the piece has a lot of space carved into it forming an area for the sound to act out creating a sense of haunted isolation. Wall noise builds with sharper sounds overlaid on top, erupting until space is gradually reinserted back into the equation. The repeated shifts from full to spacious provide a dramatic contrast within the act of Crying. Is this work a tantrum or a description of the process of being upset?  

Gen26 starts off with short abusive frequencies that make my head rattle, the following track uses a shifting, sharp, warbling distortion. I like the minimal palette that is always demonstrated here, this is also the case in the busier works – a few make a lot. This is good European Harsh Noise that uses blasting distortion to create some good walls. I would however describe these walls as a sharper, less meditative and more abusive as if they are shouting right in the listeners face. The sound is always full and at times very compressed to radiate high levels of tension; there is very rarely any space in the works. This sums the nature of Gen 26 on this recording; a more ‘at you’, impossible to disengage with approach that demonstrates the usual high levels of thought and clarity in Gen 26.

I recommend both acts and buying this screamer of a recording.

Dorcus Maximus 2020

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